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Problem saving the mails in Opera

  • Good morning,

    Altho I tried to use Opera a few times, because it is a very good browser, there was one issue I could not find how to handle this.

    When I try to save a mail, or a document using Opera, I find the file of course.
    However when I try to open the file I am confronted with many items.
    I do not know how to get back the original file

    Please help.

    It is a definite yes or no for Opera


    Hans Minekus
    The Netherlands

  • @dutch2710 To save an email message you need to print it as PDF or open the message on a tab and save the page.

    To open the files, just double click on them like you do to open any file.

  • Are you talking about saving mail messages in "Opera Mail" (the email client built into the older Opera 12 and also available as a standalone "Opera Mail" program)? Or, are you talking about saving a message on some webmail site using the new, Chromium-based Opera web browser?

  • First of all thank you both for the answers.

    I can understand to save the file as PDF.

    Concerning the remark about which mail program I use, that is either Zoho mail or Protonmail.

    As a browser I use Opera, Chrome or Firefox.

    I would like to explain again which problem I have:

    After receiving information (either via mail, or a website) I safe the message.
    When I am trying to open the message again from the SSD of HD then I see a lot of sub-files.
    At that moment I am not able ot open the whole message/file as before.

    One of the reasons to stop with Opera Mail also.

    Hopefully I am able to let you understand my problem
    Even there is also another problem, but still have to look further.
    I use LibreOffice as office software (esp. Libre Writer)
    When I make Opera as the main browser then as you know all the files are changed into files with the Opera sign.
    To my surprise I was not able to open the Libre Office documents.
    When I made one of the other browsers as no 1 then suddenly LibreOffice did not give a problem.


  • @dutch2710 When you set a program as the default one, only those files that can be handled by that program will get the program's icon. That happens to allow the user to clearly see what program will open the file.

  • @dutch2710 When you save an email message, you are in fact saving a web page and that's why you see several files saved.
    You can try save as MHTML to have only a single file.
    Also disable the adblocker to try avoid having elements of the page blocked.

  • @dutch2710 said in Problem saving the mails in Opera:


    When you have a message open, click the down arrow for it to show more options. There's supposed to be an export option there to save just the message.

    If there's an option to view source of the message, you could select all of the source, paste it into a text editor and save it as an .eml file (with Windows newline format).

    There's too if you have the plus version or better.

    There might be similar options for Zoho.

  • @leocg
    thank you again for the answer
    will have a try and see what happens
    if it does not work plz do allow me to ask you other possibilities and solutions

    Opera is for me a good one

    so hope i can keep using it


  • @dutch2710 The best solution, in my opinion, would be to just keep the email message in the email service. Also forward it to another email account to have a second copy.
    If the email provider has an tool to export messages, as mentioned, it could be a good way to save messages.

  • @lleocg


    Thank you for the advice.
    The soltion I heard from you is OK.
    However I still keep wondering why I do not have this problem using the browsers firefox (by the wat more and mre difficult to use because they are too strict in blocking) or Chrome.

    I wonder what your fellow-helper meant by using the new chromium based opera.

    will have a look.

    Again, thanks for the help


  • @dutch2710 What problem exactly?

  • @dutch2710 said in Problem saving the mails in Opera:

    I wonder what your fellow-helper meant by using the new chromium based opera.

    I just wanted to make sure you're using the current version of Opera, which is Opera 71 as seen at the URL opera://about. It's based on Chromium just like Chrome and it should generally work the same as Chrome. It's weird that Opera is not working the same as Chrome. But, I'm not sure exactly how you're saving an email and I don't have Protonmail and Zoho to test.

  • Hello peopels of the help
    thank you for all the answers
    udated to another opera
    but now whatsapp is making trouble
    they want another opera
    well, rome is not buld on one day

    have a good weekend
    here it is raining