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[Solved]Opera for Android didn't save and sync any password

  • I am using Opera for Windows and Opera for Android. But in my phone, Opera didn't ask to save any password. Also it didn't sync related passwords with my Opera account. When I tap to passwords section, there isn't any passwords appear. Nothing. It can be sync bookmarks, history etc but didn't sync passwords. In the desktop, there aren't any problem with passwords. In mobile, it is what it is. I couldn't understand this problem's reason so I removed Opera and all local Opera datas on desktop and mobile . But it didn't change anything.

    I need help about this situation seriously.
    PS: The phone is Honor Play (COR-L29) / Android 9.0.

  • @gserdar Opera will only ask to save passwords if the page allows password autofill.

  • @gserdar Passwords sync is enabled?

  • @leocg the problem began a few hours ago, before that, it was working without no problem. So I could save my paswords before, there was passwords close to 100
    Password sync is enabled on mobile and desktop, absolutely

  • Now passwords are synced, I didn't do anything. I think it took long because of some reason but I didn't know why

  • @gserdar How about saving passwords?

  • @leocg It seems No problem

  • @gserdar
    Hello, out of curiosity ... how long did it take you to sync? I am in the same situation and I have been waiting for more than 6 hours without success.

  • @colljluis It takes too long really. The problem was started yesterday, about 7.00 pm. And today morning, I looked the phone and saw its was synced.

  • @gserdar Thanks for the reply.
    I have no other solution but to wait. although I would swear that in the past, with previous versions, the synchronization was quite fast

  • The problem is repeated again. 😞

  • My passwords have not yet been synchronized and they have been waiting for more than 24 hours. I was just looking to install the beta version

  • In case it helps someone, I will tell you my experience. Due to the synchronization problems of the latest version of Opera Browser, I switch to the latest version of Opera beta. Likewise, it does not synchronize passwords. I uninstall and install an older version, the latest of the betas (57.x.x.x) and the synchronization of bookmarks and passwords is instantaneous. With the data already synchronized I update to the current version ... Goodbye passwords. I uninstall and install the latest version of Opera Browser 59.x.x.x and the synchronization of all data is instantaneous again. There I stay, everything seems to indicate that the synchronization fails with the latest versions of Browser and Beta, at least in my case.

  • @colljluis yes, you are absolutely right. in latest version, there are some problems about syncing. in older versions, there is no problem about syncing. i think this is happens because of qr code synchronization.