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  • I have enough problems and I don't want opera to create "more" ones for me!!!!!!
    I do not want to fall into search and riddles How to run Flash Player
    please fix the problem
    please fix the opera don't ruin the opera fix the problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we expect the next update of the opera to be solved and normal use of Flash Player thanks!?

  • @popa666 said in Flash player doesn't work:

    the browser can't remember that I want Flash Player to always be on?

    No. Flash support is being removed. Not remembering the setting is part of that process.

    on chrome appears an icon that can be clicked and turn on Flash Player anywhere but opera is not present this icon.

    In Chrome, you can click on the "Enable flash" button on the page to trigger the notification in the address field where you can then click the notification to temporarily enable Flash. In Opera, that won't work. You can enable "ask first" in opera://settings/content/flash though and then you'll get a big, gray area to click on to enable Flash where you can then choose to allow it in the dialog that pops up. But, "ask first" will be reset when you close Opera.

    I don't think anything is going to be fixed/changed with this as Flash support will be dropped in a few months.

  • @popa666 That is part of Chromium roadmap to end support for Flash in December.

  • burnout426
    if you are not a moderator do not interfere in the conversation.!!!!

    so far things have been going very well with opera
    I don't know what the hell prompted you to turn off the flash player
    I rely on moderators to be more tolerant of their users
    I don't think it's just me I need Flash Player
    Your other users will automatically switch to another browser
    I don't think it's right to follow in the footsteps of Chrome
    giving them to me as an example
    return things as they were they were not worse than now
    you want to make a better browser
    stop ruining it
    I used opera for games but now !!! too bad!!!
    you made opera easy to use only for you moderators but for simple users it is too complicated
    think about what i wrote

  • @popa666 said in Flash player doesn't work:

    if you are not a moderator do not interfere in the conversation.!!!!

    This is a forum, anyone can reply as long as s/he follows the rules and is willing to try to help or make a good discussion.

  • @popa666 As announced in 2017(?), Adobe, the maker of Flash, will stop developing it in December 31 2020.
    Following that decision, Chromium started a roadmap to end the support for Flash. Other browsers started their roadmaps too and on 2021 (almost) no browser will support Flash because there is no meaning in supporting something that no longer exists.

  • My question is addressed to the moderators others can not help

    I don't think I'm the only one playing flash games
    the game I play is played by many others
    most people used opera because Flash Player was not banned
    This is not the only game I play on a flash player
    There are an amazing number of games for Flash Player
    people will need a browser to support these games be one that supports Flash Player
    Let Flash Player it work for you even after stopping so we can only play opera - games...

    so you will gain more users..

  • @popa666 said in Flash player doesn't work:

    question is addressed to the moderators others can not help

    Totally wrong. Moderators just moderate the forum (to ensure the rules are followed). Some of them, of course, have technical background regarding the Opera issues, but there are also advanced and active users here on the forum.

  • @popa666 Flash is dead for a long time already, just accept it and move forward.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg
    because I do not see a solution to the problem And there is no one to help me
    I understand that the problem will not be solved.
    Could you explain to me where I can download version 60 of Opera and how to stop updates and.
    or at least explain to me which address to block to stop opera updates forever???????
    thanks in advance..

  • @popa666 The authors of those Flash based games are the ones that should give you a solution. They had enough time to upgrade to something more modern.

    You can download old versions of Opera from the FTP.

    To disable the automatic updates, check the FAQ

    Don't forget to install Opera while offline and don't go online until you have disabled auto-update.

  • @leocg
    Could you explain in more detail How to stop the opera update?
    And where exactly can I download it from an old version of Opera?
    please provide a web address and if this no makes it difficult for you

  • @popa666 Read my post again, everything is there already.

  • @leocg I don't understand English I use Google Translate and it's not very easy for me to understand

  • @popa666 In the post there is a link to download old versions of Opera and also a link to instructions on how to block autoupdates.

  • @leocg Will it be a problem if you explain to me briefly how to stop the updates of the opera?

  • @popa666 Yes, it will be. There's a FAQ for it already so there's no meaning in keep repeating the answer here.

  • @leocg said in [Solved]Flash player doesn't work:


    I asked for a simple explanation but if you are not willing to help me a nice evening you can delete the conversation

  • @popa666 I already gave you the answer to your question. If you can't even click on a link and read the instructions on the page, then copying those instructions and pasting them here would make no difference at all.