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So Opera Developer 25 has a built-in bookmark manager

  • It looks like the built-in bookmark manager in Opera Developer 25 is a step in the right direction.

    There is finally a search option and you can create folders on the left navigation panel but sub-folders do not seem to be possible. (Yes, I know abusing sub-folders in bookmark manager may lead to a messy bookmark collection).

    Here is my suggestion to deal with the lack of sub folders.
    If the left side panel only allow single level folders, I would suggest Opera implement groups within each folders so users have additional option to organize their bookmark collections. In my experience, having two levels folders in a bookmark collection is useful in organizing bookmark collections and I rarely use three or more levels of folders in bookmarks.

    I suggest Opera take a look at online bookmark Draggo and look their visual implementation of "category".
    (Bookmarks on Draggo can be categorized by Tabs and within each tabs you can have multiple categories).

    Here is a sample of Draggo bookmark collections some user decided to make them accessible to the public:

    Perhaps Opera developer can implement something similar that users can add inside each folder..
    Basically the main bookmark folders would be equivalent to Draggo's tabs and groups would be equivalent Draggo's categories.

    If the built-in bookmarks will be improved further and makes its way to the Opera Stable release, I may start using Opera as my primary browser again.

    Right now I only use various Opera for web development testing purpose.
    The built-in bookmark manager should have a feature included when chrome based Opera was first released.

    I still don't believe that so called survey or auto-collected usage statistics that says 99% of users have never added one single bookmark in Opera. Most likely those users only install and run Opera for testing or evaluation purpose and are not using Opera as their primary browsers. Who actively maintains a bookmark collection in their secondary browsers? I don't. My bookmark collections are still in Opera 12. Other browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) on my desktop all have empty bookmarks.

  • To be honest, I don't think the "Speed Dial bookmarks"thing is all that bad, and it seems to work reasonably well... But it does need the ability to have sub-folders, that's a big one.

    Then there's the "Opera Link" issue - that's a critical feature and a deal-breaker if its functionality is missing... Especially considering virtually every other browser offers such functionality right now (including Google's Chrome).

  • The bookmark manager doesn't seem to allow folders within folder, but the bookmark menu (in the "O" menu) does allow folders within folders. Now, if only I could get that menu into a more easily accessible place.

    Also, on the new bookmarks menu, I don't like that it (a) doesn't automatically alphabetize (so each folder must be right clicked and alphabetized individually), and (b) clicking or right clicking or middle clicking makes the menu disappear. The requested action gets completed, but then the menu goes away. So, for example, I can middle click to open a bookmark in a new tab (Yay! This wasn't possible in O12), but then the menu disappears. I have to open the menu again to open another bookmark. This also made alphabetizing all my folders a very tedious task. It would make more sense to keep the menu open for middle click and right click actions. It should close on a left click action, though.

  • The bookmark manager doesn't seem to allow folders within folder

    It does allow. Go to My Folders and drag one folder into another.