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  • Way back when, opera had a great feature (IMO) where tied to the bookmarks you could:
    1)have the password included, whether to auto populate or not
    2)setup a shortcut to that pageso instead of typing in the address bar you could type in BOA and it brought that page up. I used that everyday so much and miss it. It was a smart use of bookmarking. You already are storing passwords to I do not see where this is too much of a leap to get there.

  • Actually, I don't recall your item 1 in Presto. Shortcuts, sure, but it never autofilled passwords (you had to press the Wand button or Fast forward to fill passwords). You can request anything of course (though really it's supposed to be one request per thread).

  • For #2, goto the URL opera://settings/searchEngines and click "add". Name the search "Bank of America", set the keyword to boa, and set the URL to just (as in, no %s in it or anything like that).

    Then, in the address field, you can type boa and a space and press enter to get what you want.

  • @martym said in Shortcut appreviation to open url webpage:

    1)have the password included, whether to auto populate or not

    I don't remember anything with passwords being tied to bookmarks. The wand feature though with auto-fill in the fields on the page though so you could just click the login/signin button though.

    For something in a bookmark, you'd have to use username:password@ to submit in plain text for sites that supported logging in that way. That's no longer supported for security reasons though.

    However, if you use the LastPass extension to manage your passwords, it can autofill the login fields on the page and can also automatically log you in (for some sites, depending on how they do their forms).