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Opera for Android 60 - QR code sync and Flow

  • @wujekatom

    Is Opera Touch also connected to Flow? If so, "Emergency reset" in Desktop will reset the local data but Touch still keeps the conversation.

    So, if you want to connect Opera for Android, Touch and Desktop all together, try this:

    1. Make sure Opera Touch still has Flow contents
    2. (Desktop) Go to Flow and Click the 3-dot menu, and "Emergency reset"
    3. (Touch) Connect to Desktop again
    4. (Opera for Android) Go to sync and back up and connect devices
    5. (Desktop) Load
    6. (Opera for Android) Scan the QR code
  • @miyukiwork
    Yes, i use Touch together with Opera Developer on desktop.

    Your scenario seems interesting, i hope it works 😃
    Thank you!

  • @pajica
    Hi, did you manage to connect to Flow from Opera for Android? I am trying, I even completely reset my flow on desktop and now neither Opera Touch nor Opera for Andk can connect to Flow 😕
    I have the same message as you.

  • @wujekatom

    Hi, try this now.

    1. Log out from all devices. (E.g. Desktop, Touch and Opera for Android)
    2. Log in again with the same account on all devices
    3. Desktop: load
    4. Opera for Android: Scan the QR code from sync and backup
    5. If you cannot connect, try the steps mentioned earlier

    You might need to login/out, emergency reset several times.

  • @miyukiwork
    thanks for help, but unfortunately i am not able to connect from Opera for Android. I tried a couple of time.
    Opera Touch can connect, but Opera for Android cannot.

    I am using:

    • Desktop: Opera Developer 73.0.3847.0
    • Opera for Android: 60.3.3004.55692
    • Android: 6.0.1 [My Xiaomi device does not get update to newer version anymore ]

    It is a pitty, cause Flow is very handful feature. Maybe onnext releases it will start working on my devices.

  • Has anyone found a solution for when the phone doesn't want to connect? When i flash the code on my flow it says you need to set up syncing between your devices even though I am already connected with the same account on both and sync works. When I try to reconnect using the flashcode on it just doesn't work so I have to use my password and i'm in the same situation as before.

  • this is the best version

  • I find using the opera mobile app to be completely useless, I've connected my phone to my computer (or at-least i hope i did still very vague on what is shared to me), and the history inst being shared correctly, however i can continue to use google on my phone and still have the same access to history. So whats the point of me downloading the mobile app at that point. I really enjoy the desktop version its great, but this feels so sloppy to attempt to connect my phone to it that its more frustrating than simple.

  • @miyukiwork Tried this several time and nothing.

  • @wujekatom same here. nothing seams to work

  • @PerlaCristal

    Can you log out from all clients first, then try again? When I fell into the same problem, I had to repeat the same steps and on the 3rd try I was able to pair devices.