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  • Look at Yandex browser's pop-out
    Comparing to the current Opera's one it has:

    1. video title
    2. timing popup
    3. full screen option
    4. click on a video to play/pause
    5. it even has some settings
    6. also all the control buttons have the hand cursor.

    Why one of the main and well known features is still worse than in competitor's browser?
    The old pop-out had almost all the features listed above, why Opera stopped improving the Chromium's one?


  • @andrew84 I'm sorry to be naughty boy - silly questions. (no offense, please!) Opera Inc. creates 17 different Operas with very limited human resources. It's obvious Opera Desktop has the least priority. Is Opera Desktop ready in three versions? Yes. Then shut up dear users and stop clamoring for what other web browsers have. Make a man's decision and leave the underdog alone.

  • @pavelopdev i don't mean for this to come out rude but oue job as users is to submit feedback to improve what we use and this is a type of feedback i understand their are imitated resource behind the opera development team but you have to realize that docent stop stuff from being added it just delays it if its good enough it will get in (this is not meant to be taken rudely so please don't)

  • @CG-Locks Not offended guy here, but use comas and dots, for Christ's sake! 😉

  • @pavelopdev ok thanks

  • Not a single improvement listed above was made yet.
    But they are going to implement video-conferencing-popout /multiple video poputs.
    Please, finish the original popout first and then implement some additional functionality.