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Bookmark serial and folder and categories Problem

  • Oh its realy boring.

  • "Oh its realy boring"

    Yes, your statement is..

  • Bushman Inc..

    I'm pretty clueless here...but isn't there something about a separate folder to discover, in your bkmrks folder, after having upgraded? For ex, I have my current version bookmarks listed & at the top of that page I also have a separate folder w/the pre-version change...or maybe it's the other way around..? Or maybe it happened when the browser platform changed..? I know some ppl didn't notice that folder at 1st. Just a thought..

    Glad to hear you learned early on to back all up. And I'd venture that if this 1st time losing data in 5 yrs of mini bookmrks/link/sync, that you are ahead of the pack

    I also remember from way back some discussion that with some version/device combos, that numbers approaching 100 or even less, sometime caused a problem & a new folder had to be created for some folks.

    Hey why don't you you do a bug report so you can be another person who does not post an answer to my question (in the mini Android thread) about asking anyone who has made a bug report to please chime in w/the results of such reporting (cuz they're always saying to do it but I've yet to see evidence where it helped anyone..

    I have only the phone for internet.. So i use link/sync to try to guard against screw-up w/changes, updates, etc, but so far in those cases when I needed it to restore something went missing, it ate everything, but in another instance it got a bunch of lost stuff back once, so got to give it's due for that.

    Have you tried a soft reset & a re-login to link/sync? Be very careful of that login tho...and the resync button... The login is case sensitive & can be frustrating if something is forgotten in that regard & can thus lead to try getting to restart Link, which can & will lose stuff. It did for me.

  • @ nowurtalkin - First part - No, nothing like that. I've never changed browser platform nor I even tried to mess around with bookmarks in other browsers I'm using. I keep 'em all in Opera 12.17 for PC an Opera Mini for Android phone. Guess I'm getting older. 😃 Funny thing, I haven't lost ANY data, it's ALL here in Opera on PC, it's ALL on Opera link page. Simply, Opera Mini is not loading those bookmrx from the assigned folder on server. BUT, I wasn't aware of this: "...that numbers approaching 100 or even less, sometime caused a problem & a new folder had to be created for some folks." This gives me an idea. I'll be back with the report. 😃
    Second-about bug reports - I'm not sure I'm following your thoughts... Do you mean there's never been correct respond to those reports or people who's complaining never make one? Or both? 😕
    I can upload log with different buffer settings and priority levels, set to record only Opera Mini activities, but that's pretty much all I can do at this point.
    Third part-reset and login - Again, no. I'm pretty sure I've never misspelled my user name and password.
    Yes, I tried to re-log in on both Opera platforms, no result.

    Anyway, thanx for chiming in discussion. I DO remember your user name from previous version of this forum.It was interesting discussion on a few subjects. 😉
    P.S. I'm on 4 posts, AGAIN?!? 😃

  • Check connection test before login.

  • Ok friend. Dont angry each other. Only we need help. And thats all.

    Good Night friends.

  • For me, Opera link/sync doesn't work properly since the last update. For example, after bookmarking page in Opera Mini, it appears on MyOperaLink page and in Opera desktop after few seconds (using Sync now button), but Opera Mini fails to load links already stored (from previous version) in Opera Mini dir on server. I keep less than a 100 bookmarks in that folder and I'm not sure why it takes so long to sync over high speed Wi-Fi. It's been more than an hour over Wi-Fi now, and the sync icon still hangs in the upper right corner. 😕
    @ nowurtalkin - Agreed! I do not expect from Opera servers/browser/team to take complete care of my data neither. I back it up regularly on a hard storage. Anyway, I like to use sync option to keep track of my activities and to have all those fav pages under one roof. Pure harmony, just like in "real" opera, huh? 😃
    To conclude on this subject, although I use custom ROM (custom port of CyanogenMod 11 for ZTE Blade III), it's the first time in 5 years that Opera Mini fails to (properly/fully)sync data between my home PC and my phone. Bummer! 😞

  • Yes, dirgas, I've checked that too. My Wi-Fi is stable and fast.

  • --- This option (circle)shows only blank, black rectangle. Other than "Flag this", what options does it hide?

  • --- This option (circle)shows only blank, black rectangle. Other than "Flag this", what options does it hide?

    Just flag and edit.