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  • Hi!
    The last awesome FF feature missing from Opera is "Cool Previews". It makes life so much easier when browsing, researching or even shopping!

  • Cool previews ?, what's that ?, care to explain ?.

  • Care to try an extension?

    My guess is he means link previews, where the browser loads link contents in the background and then shows you a preview of the content when you hover the link. Mind you, this is kind of the opposite of Turbo since it would dramatically increase your bandwidth usage (downloading all those pages so it can show them to you), but I'm pretty sure there is already an extension for that ...

  • Yeah, Search for one called iframe. It works either on auto which can be annoying at times or provides a little box icon that can be clicked to preview that link

  • One thing I have noticed tho, in some websites depending on the type of background the little black square icon does not display as expected. So even tho it's there it is sometime invisible or can be seen only as a little white spec, presumably the black box with the border missing

  • Rather than explaining it myself, here is the link to the developer:

    The most obvious use (but there are others) is when handling a list of links, e.g. an Amazon search page, a newspaper front page etc. because you don't have to open new tabs and close them... It is like a tab displayed over the page you are on, resizeable to anything from a post stamp to covering the whole page.

  • Try this extension.
    (You need to install this one first to directly install extensions out of the Chrome Web Store.

  • Thank you christoph142.
    The suggested extension looks like a reasonable clone of FF Coolpreviews, and properly documented and maintained. I'm giving it a try.