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Opera-developers: Bookmarks sidebar is not loading any content on Windows 10 and Linux (Fedora 32)

  • As the title explains the Bookmarks bar(sidebar) feature seems to be leading without any content.
    No amount of refreshing will change this.

    This makes access to the bookmarks very difficult and kind of cheat:

    1. bookmark a random page (ex. click on the heart icon next to the address bar)
    2. click on that same heart(bookmark) icon 2nd time in order to make the "see in bookmarks" button appear
    3. Click on it as the only visible way to access the bookmarks
      3.1. The other way is addressing "opera:bookmarks"

    This problem persists for a couple of versions with some actions needed for the bookmarks sidebar to work the first time. Unfortunately, it doesn't anymore.

    No such problem on Opera-stable

  • I don't see functionality to edit, so I will add a reply:

    1. Strangely enough, installing Opera-stable side by side instantly fixed the problem. lol
      This makes me think that it might be some lib problem similar to "" the way it is for Linux users (has to be reset with functional one since the out of the box is broken when it comes to watching streams - for example)
      For sure Opera-developer was not working before that and the only change was installing Opera-stable as well
    2. As a side note:
      When will that "unable to watch streaming content" problem with the "" will be fixed? Streaming is the new normal nowadays, after all.
  • Unfortunately, the forum is set so that you only have 15 minutes to edit posts. If something really needs to be changed you can message me, but otherwise just put it in a new post.

  • Also, is a Linux library file, the codec for Windows would have a different filename.