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[Opera Mail]Is it possible to blacklist/delete incoming email from certain senders?

  • I thought I could create a "rule" to do this but I see no option to do this now. Using Version 1.0, Build 1044, for Win7. Was this removed? On the Help page I see this which doesn't correlate to this program at all:
    "You can change the spam filter settings by right-Ctrl-clicking “Spam” in the panel and selecting “Properties” from its context menu. "
    There is no "Spam" in any drop down menu here. You can mark a message as spam but that doesn't block it. What do you do if you're getting flooded?

  • @helloyou2016 Wouldn't spam in that case be the Spam folder/view?

  • @leocg Not understanding you. I thought I could control where certain were going:
    Delete Permanently

    Is this not available? Since you need to check the Spam folder for errors imagine getting hundreds of spam a day and not being able to block it? You absolutely have to be able to create a rule to delete it - it shouldn't go to even the Trash once its determined to be Spam.

  • @helloyou2016 It's been a long time that I don't use Opera Mail but I don't remember it having a tool to block messages. What you could do is to mark the message as spam so it would go directly to the spam view.

    Once in spam folder, the message will be deleted after a while as in almost all email clientes, if I remember correctly.

  • @leocg Unfortunately, for most of us, that doesn't work at all because the Spam folder regularly captures so much significant mail. Its completely useless actually. Just a dismal failure on all counts. I get regular mail in there every day. Dumbest feature ever conceived. The only thing that sometimes works is a whitelist and than send everything else to the spam folder to be reviewed later. But how do you know the email address of everyone? Doesn't work at all. Best solution is to have different accounts for different grades of legitimacy. Once people have proven themselves they get the "better" email address.

  • @helloyou2016 And by removing those messages wrongly marked as spam you help teaching the spam filter what to mark as spam and what to treat as a regular message.

  • @leocg Right....if only it worked.

  • @helloyou2016 It should work after a while.