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Sometimes some tabs makes CPU load constant

  • i use a notebook and usually work with several tabs, 20, 30, whatever... at some point the CPU stays pretty "high", at a constant load of around 50% or so

    when i want to detect what is the tab that is returning the problem in order to close it, i have no way to know it, i must close all one by one,

    can anyone tell me some way to identify the problematic tab ? might be good to have some option inside opera to detect what Tabs are returning high cpu usage

  • @zaapa1 You can use the internal task manager to see which tab/process is using too much CPU.

  • @leocg you talking about the windows task manager? or opera has some internal task manager? how to acces to it?

    also i noticed sometimes its not even a tab, i must fully close the opera browser, and when i open it again with the same tabs, the load suddently dissapeared, feels like sometimes something gets stuck inside opera and generates a cpu load

  • @zaapa1 Well, I guess internal means something in Opera, since we are talking about it.

    You can access it through the menu. It's under Developer.