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How to set default search engine in Opera for Android

  • Security, as already explained. And also they probably have other priorities.

    This is the Android forum, only a malicious root app in a rooted phone would be able to "hack" Opera's search engines.

  • The reason is not that we want to prevent anyone from switching away from using google (or any of the other defaults we have in certain markets) as the default search and I agree... it's not hard to implement at all... in fact it's pretty easy. Well...if you can figure out an intuitive way of doing the UX on a mobile device. The reason it's never landed in Opera for Android is simply because there has been other things popping up that has been considered more important. If you look at statistics alone there's a really small portion of people that ever search with anything but the default search engine. With limited resources as you always have we've simply focused on fixing issues that affect a larger part of our user base.

    All that said... our roadmap...that I really shouldn't talk about in public... does have something called "search engine improvements" on it so it's looking bright for all the duckduckgo-ers, bingers, yahooers, baiduers and askers!

  • And you think Google is secure. I would rate search engine choice much higher than that Discovery nonsense. Lack of Search engine choice is the main reason I don't use opera on Android.

  • Are we still waiting for this feature? If it is the ux component that is holding the priority back don't bother with putting it in the ui. I believe most of the people requesting this would happily change the default setting via something like opera:config.

  • Just tried this in the new beta. Still no solution. This had been over 2 years in waiting. So I guess I'll just keep using Chrome until it's fixed...

  • @ulfur77:
    the first O4A 41beta allowed to add external search engines AND use them as default.

    now only the preinstalled ones are allowed as permanent choice, i guess its 'money talks' here.

  • Maxthon refugee here. Disappointing to see DDG or other privacy focused search engines cannot be added. For me, a focus on privacy/security is what sets great browsers apart.

  • Well ... there is an external way around this.

    My search engine of choice is Duckduckgo.

    Go to the Duckduckgo site and download/install the Android app.
    During the set-up it will ask you to associate a browser with Duckduckgo.
    Select Opera for Android.

    In your apps listing you will have a link to the Duckduckgo app.
    Drag it to your preferred display screen (for me it is the device's home screen).

    Now each time I want to do a web search (bypassing the inbuilt search engines of Opera) I simply tap on the Duckduckgo icon and that's it! Best of both worlds - Duckduckgo and Opera Android.

    So far it has been working for me. Hope this helps others.


  • 3 solutions for O4A 41 beta

    go to

    long tap in searchfield
    add to browser selection list
    (sadly the option to select an added search engine has been removed again in recent versions of o4a)

    click the three dots right top corner

    add to speed dials
    add to start page

    works with most search engines

  • Three years since this topic is open and still no search engine option on mobile devices... Come on guys!

  • I am currently living in China and abandoned Opera for Android because of this reason.
    Even in Chrome I can change the default search engine to bing and yahoo.

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