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Opera 70 comes with easier access to closed tabs, simpler searches, and new Workspace icons

  • Guys and do you really use that Workspaces? It seems that they are just hidden tabs that stay in-memory all the time, kind of such tab groups, but without clear visuals..

  • Recently, same two Youtube videos are playing at the same time. How to stop that? When I reload, only one video is seen, but 2 audios are heard, and in different sequence.
    Distro: Kubuntu 20.04

  • Is there a way of disabling the content search in "search title *and *content of open pages" in search open tabs? This is now a speed bump for me. It's fine to have it as an option but 99.99% of the time I'm wanting to find just the title of a tab. I now have to type more letters to narrow down the list or I have to spot what I want in a long list of entries. In the old tab search you used to be able tow switch between tab and web search, so you have precedent for customisability in this area.

    This feature and the horizontal tab cycler are the two worst "enhancements" in recent Opera versions. Both are big usability regressions for me. The old vertical tab cycler was one of the main reasons I switched to Opera from my previous default. It was a near-perfect implementation for me. Why do developers feel the need to tinker with UIs so much? OK, I know we can't stagnate but at least give people options or add new features while retaining the old until you've gotten feedback from users.

  • @bririv1: for some reason most of the browsers don't offer this. Currently I use this extension

    Good enough for me.

  • @fugarul: I don't really use it myself but I can see its usefulness. But recent versions of Opera seem to be going backwards in usability. Annoying. Vivaldi is currently my No. 2 but may soon be my No. 1 at this rate. I hate it when vendors remove options and/or provide inferior alternatives.

  • @onekamel: I agree. They've ruined instant search. The initial version was fine.

  • @leocg: I agree, but search for content in tabs makes for poor usability (the list becomes too big) or at least we should be able to turn it off.

  • @leocg: Conduct a survey among users to return as it was in previous versions (before Opera 70) or leave a new version, and you will see that no one likes the new version. I don’t understand (as well as thousands of other users) why destroy something that works great and replace it with a worse one.
    Please bring back the "Recently Closed Tabs" button. (There may be errors in the text, I use

  • @pursanovd: I do use it very sporadically, when i need a new window but don't want it to be a completely separate window (and clutter the task bar) and to remember it after closing the browser.
    What i don't like is that you have to have the sidebar thing opened for it to be comfortably used.
    Wish that sidebar was slightly more flexible, being able to hide/collapse it like in the old classic opera (and to move it to the right side) maybe then i'd use it more, now it's just annoying and i simply turn it off 99% of the time

  • Thanks for the suggestion but I tend not to use plugins that can view the history of browsing. It's sad that we have to instal third-party extensions to use Opera's already-held features, and that they insist on deleting them or improving their usability without taking their users into account.

  • I can not copy my bookmarks from one quick access to another. If I pick 8-10, it only pastes 2-3 of them. If I choose them all (~50), it pastes 8-9 of them.

    there is a problem.

  • Where is the fix for the "Recent closed tab" button? Even after the "--disable-update" the Opera updated to 70...

  • @edmarcio:
    (0. downgrade your opera and don't run it)

    1. Go to your opera installation folder
    2. Go to the folder with the version you're using (69.something)
    3. Remove/rename the "opera_autoupdate.exe" file