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  • I'm using Opera Beta and I have VPN enabled but with the option to disable it for searches, but it doesn't seem to work.

    So, every time I search on Google I get this nightmare of endless captchas, saying there is high traffic from my IP (Opera's IP must be) and that I must solve the bloody captcha,

    I notified this to the Opera team as a bug and didn't get reply.

    Can this nightmare be fixed at all or do I have to move to another browser. It's really a nightamare taking a lot of time for every single search.

  • @qwak Disable the VPN. Or ask Google to stop asking for the captcha.

  • @leocg said in Google searches asking for endless captchas:

    @qwak Disable the VPN. Or ask Google to stop asking for the captcha.

    Lol. Funny answer coming from a moderator. You couldn't care less. If I disable the VPN then I don't have the VPN and I use Opera for the VPN.

    Just fix this thing, it's a bug.

  • @qwak Nope, it's not a bug. It's just Google security system doing its job.
    So, it's something that Google needs to fix.

  • @leocg Yep, it's a bug, Google can't detect my own private IP as with suspicious heavy traffic because I am a personal user with extrmely low personal usage.

    It's Opera doing things wrong. Seems like it's getting worse and worse out of the hands of the norwegians into some third world cheaper programming slaves making mistakes with arrogance.

  • @qwak Google is most probably complaining about the VPN IP. When you use a VPN/Proxy, there si always the risk that others will mess up with the IP.