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Extension upgrade requires additional permissions...

  • "The extension upgrade requires additional permissions. got to the extensions page manager to accept the upgrade."

    I am getting this message frequently below the bookmark bar. I have tried adding permissions to certain suspected extensions to no avail. There is no indication of which extension is requesting.

    In addition, I have disabled all extensions as an experiment and the message remains.

    This is Version: 69.0.3686.81, the most current at this date.

    Is this an infection or a rogue extension? I cannot find any pertinent information by Googling.

  • I, too, am getting this, and find it very frustrating. I can't figure out which extension is causing the message, so short of deleting and adding them all, I don't know what to do.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • No luck here. I'm just living with it. It really bothers me in full screen view, but what can I do?

  • Same thing here. Every time upon launch I see this message and nothing I do in extensions seems to help.

  • Hello,

    Each time I open the Opera, I get a prompt right under the bookmark's tab that the extension update needs some additional permission, with a "Go to extensions" button (screenshot 1). After I click it I am taken to the Extensions page, in which I was not able to see anything to be updated at the first glance. I found in one forum thread here that there's a developer mode which can be enable - I did that and then I saw some sort of an "Update" button appearing (screenshot 2). I clicked it, for a moment a small information was shown saying that extensions were updated (screenshot 3), and I could see that there are no updates in the updates section (screenshot 4). However, when I closed and opened the Opera browser, the same prompt keeps popping up, even though there's no update to be done in the extensions tab.

    What I tried to do:

    • rebooted the Opera
    • rebooted the computer
    • cleared cookies and cache files in the Opera
    • uninstalled and installed Opera again
    • removed all extensions, so the only extension I have now is the Opera adblocker
    • turned off Opera adblocker
      Unfortunately none of the above helped.

    It's very irritating that the pop up appears every time, and there's even no option to close as I can do is to use the "go to extension" button to open new tab, and only then it disappears.

    Necessary details:

    • Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    • Opera v 72.0.3814.148

    Could you please assist me with solving the problem?

    Best regards,

  • Got the same problem suddenly, no luck fixing it. Really annoying.

  • 055d31c0-fbad-4aa3-a79d-459b1f69547a-image.png
    Getting this message frequently below the bookmark bar.
    I'm going into extension management, but there are no updates here.

    It started today after the opera update.

  • Look at this capture.

    What opera are taking about? What upgrades "permissions" it need. I've 2 extensions and they're all updates.

    Please Opera, fix it.


  • I'm having the same. They could at least say what extension is.

  • @AltairAssassins Same here. Not only in Opera Stable, in Beta and Dev too.

  • @AltairAssassins Where and when are you seeing that message. I don't remember have seen anything like that recently.

  • @AltairAssassins its happening to me too

  • I'm having the same issue and it's so annoying. Seriously considering switching to another browser.

  • Having the same problem, it must be the latest update. Do Opera read this or do we need to raise it as a bug/problem?

  • As of today, the same started to pop up here... and the only extension that I "have" is the ad-blocker one. I open the extensions manager and there's no way to accept any upgrade. Hope they fix this issue quickly

  • I am having this issue now.
    I have the following extensions:

    • install chrome extensions
    • Opera ad blocker
    • Zotero connector

    None seem to require update (they are all updated) or additional permissions.

  • I think I found a workaround. Start Opera with --show-component-extension-options, after asking for permission, go to the extensions manager and update Rich Hints Agent.

  • Today I started to get this popup message.

    I disabled all the extensions and restarted browser but I still get the same error.

    The extensions I have are:

    • Install chrome extensions
    • Opera ad blocker
    • Zotero connector

    These were working fine before.

  • Having this issue too. I have no extensions installed other than the default Ad blocker.

  • Having this issue too. I also have no extensions installed other than the default Ad blocker.