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Laggy/sluggish UI (delays after typing, mouse clicks) on Mint 20, Nvidia 440

  • Hey guys! After installing Linux Mint 20 on my laptop, which has an Nvidia RTX 2070 card running on the Nvidia chip (performance mode), I noticed the UI on Opera has become sluggish.

    It mostly manifests in two scenarios:

    • When typing something in the address bar, the suggestions dropdown only opens after a short delay (0.5 sec)
    • Same delay when clicking on the "Easy setup" button in the top right (below the X/close button in Opera's title bar)

    Of course, these are just minor annoyances, but they make my everyday work feel more sluggish and less responsive overall. I had this happen as well when I tested Manjaro on this laptop a few months ago, and it was part of the reason I moved back to Linux Mint (then 19.3).

    Running Nvidia drivers 440, Prime set to Nvidia chip in high performance mode. I tried disabling hardware acceleration in Opera's system settings, and disabling "Override software rendering list" in opera:flags (I normally have that enabled).

    Any ideas what might be happening?

  • Is anybody else experiencing this, either on Mint or on other Linux distros (as I mentioned, Manjaro had the same problem)?

    Scrolling is often janky, Google spreadsheets lag behind mouse clicks... It really affects my day-to-day work in this browser, which I have really come to love and would hate to move away from 😞

  • Moving to Chrome for now.

    If any of you have any ideas, I would truly appreciate them. Hope I can come back to Opera, I really like this browser.

  • Just about to report an issue with Opera beta 71, which is unusable when resuming from a suspend with Mint 20 and the recommended proprietary NVIDIA driver. The displayed page and user interface are garbled or blacked out. With beta 70 just the page was garbled, and fixable with a refresh. There doesn't seem to be a problem with the open source driver, but I don't yet know how video playback etc. will be affected.

  • I have the same problem with Opera 71.0.3770.198 on Wayland session of Gnome 3.38 on Arch Linux.
    On my system this problem only occurs when I open two or more windows of Opera. The spinner that indicates page loading freezes for ~5 seconds when I click on any link and the page is not loaded until it unfreezes, and Opera takes ~3 seconds to open context menus and switch between tabs.

    Does anyone know a solution please?
    I use intel hd 4000 video adapter.