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  • Yes. You can drag bookmarks or folders where you want on the personal bookmarks bar. If they're in a folder, you can drag them where you want, or, if you right click on the folder, you can choose to arrange them alphabetically. With a Bookmark Manager extension (like Neater Bookmarks,
    or Chrookmarks for Chrome ),
    you can arrange the bookmark folders and bookmarks alphabetically, or with Chrookmarks for Chrome, alphabetically or chronologically.
    To download a Chrome extension easily, you need the Opera extension, called Download Chrome Extension,
    or Extension Source Viewer,

    There is no extension to move Stash to Bookmarks bar 😞

  • Not that I'm aware of. Obviously the only place it could be would be the Opera Add-on store.

    A search for Stash there comes up with nothing.

    If you go to your profile, the main Stash file is called Stash.db. It takes up way more space than the bookmark file. It seems to be saving a lot more information. Now obviously when you click on a Stash item, you do go to the website, so the address is in that file. But I'm aware of no way to easily make the change you want from Stash to a bookmark.

  • @sydneyneto: just wait until Opera's bookmarks manager gets refined. Opera will surely make them exchangeable soon.

  • @sydneyneto: just wait until Opera's bookmarks manager gets refined. Opera will surely make them exchangeable soon.

    OK, 🙂

  • Ok, I don't know if Opera management is listening but the decision to drop the original bookmarks is one that I see as being a serious mistake. I have thousands of bookmarks from my previous versions of Opera and currently I can not user them.

    Organizing your pages as thumbnails is very inefficient and not organized. Why was the decision to allow the user to not opt to choose either the standard or the thumbnail version is completely beyond me.

    I have seen the myriad of posts and comment based on the disappointment to get rid of the original bookmark bar and I do agree with them.

    My suggestion is to bring back the old bookmark workflow but allow the user to use the new one if the choose. This gives flexibility to the browser and greater functionality.

  • LOL... read what others have posted before adding an essentially useless post. Educate yourself first... THEN post.

  • leushino
    read this whole thread that essentially is a cry for help

    from a sadly once great and now defunct system

    move the camera, open the other eye, then post

  • @meicalnissyen" don't be overly dramatic. I've read the entire thread. I've been part of Opera since 1999 and was on the MyOpera forums from 2003 onwards. I know very well that bookmarking has been an issue "for some" people and not as much for others who are more adaptable (i.e. me). Bookmarks are coming along with a traditional manager so hold your horses and calm down. Breathe in deeply a few times and all will be well. 🙂

    ps: I see you've already had a thread closed down. You may be much happier continuing to use the "once proud browser" (Presto) since it is still secure and as far as I know, still can be downloaded. But whining from a soapbox does little good either for you or the forum. Have a good day.

  • leushino

    I was about to post back "right on, proly win 8.1 issues"

    but I realized, as I saw that you banned me for the above post ( wow, what a cunty thing to do) that you are actually afraid of dissent, and the bookmark issue is actually a feeble attempt to stem the tide of us old hands from jumping ship

    such a free thinker

  • I've banned you as you just created an account to comment on a three months old topic to violate rule 6 and create a post to just to say you are leaving Opera.

    So there's ni need for you to be here.