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Where are the speed dial thumbnails? best Opera feature of all time

  • Opera 12.10.ADR-1411061201, which I believe was the final version for Android 4.1.2, which I was using up through June 3rd, 2020, when Verizon finally server-side obsoletized my perfectly good Droid4/XT894, had website screenshot thumbnails on the speed dial. This was by far one of the, if not the #1, most unique and useful features of Opera that made me a big fan, and I kept going back. It totally set Opera apart from the pack, in the best way. Now I'm on Android 9, and Opera follows the Google convention of a randomly chosen color and 1 letter or maybe 1 word, with a text caption that's way too short for any webpage title. For the visual thinkers among us, which is probably most people, I think the webpage screenshot thumbnails should be brought back ASAP, and would sinehandey make Opera many times better than it already is.

  • If your device runs Android 3.2 or lower, the old version is available under the name Mobile Classic. Though it doesn't work well on high resolution displays.

  • @gtziavelis said in Where are the speed dial thumbnails? best Opera feature of all time:


    • singlehandedly 🙂
      I mean, using a web browser made for android 3 or 4 in 2020 is fine, if it works on your phone, but it's not gonna be up to date with the GUI, with web protocols, with security, and on my phone in particular it was crashing a lot towards the end, possibly from not being able to handle dynamic pages and popups, etc., although I think it was more from the phone being gradually remotely disabled because it didn't have VoLTE that Verizon required starting this summer.
      But --- Opera developers --- please being back the webpage screenshot thumbnails on the speed dial! it's such a great feature! I think it will surely boost the user base, and make this great browser much much better.