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Everything is smaller after updating to 69.0.3686.36

  • My System: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (x86_64; ubuntu:GNOME) on Asus X555UQ Laptop.
    Screen resolution: 1366 x 768 (16:9)
    After updating to 69.0.3686.36 everything became smaller as follows:

    Screenshot from 2020-06-24 20-25-37.png

    There is a scaling issue for all web pages. Also, fonts too small. Waiting for next update...

    Screenshot from 2020-06-24 20-42-42.png

    Also, UI issues: (Black background with black selection font )

    Screenshot from 2020-06-24 20-51-21.png

  • I'm also on 20.04 Ubuntu, a different flavour.
    It's not just the font that got smaller: all rendering is complete rubbish in 69. Just look at the AdBlock icon in the extension bar.
    Also the PDF viewer renders everything as blur compared to a standalone PDF reader.

  • @linux17 in addition to that:

    WhatsApp pin feature doesn't work either.

    Screenshot from 2020-06-27 12-43-54.png

  • @linux17 Different issue, so please discuss it in another topic.

  • I checked other browsers, and it seems that this regression comes from Chromium. Both latest versions of Chromium, Opera and Vivaldi are affected. Take a look at the screenshot (left - Firefox, right - Chromium 83):


    The same goes for all images, internal PDF viewers, favicons, icons in menus etc.

  • I’m running Ubuntu 20 and what used to happen on my screen (1080x1920) was everything was to large on Opera 68 when I enlarged the default page zoom (I posted a thread about it on here ages ago) now after the update everything is how it should be just like it has always been on other chromium based browsers

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