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  • The Opera 69.0.3686.36 has been promoted to the stable channel ;-)
    The change log and the announcement.
    New features:
    - Integrated Twitter in browser's sidebar
    - Weather widget on Speed Dial
    - Improved visual tab cycler
    - Improvements to Workspaces

    New Opera's flags - disabled by default (work in progess):
    Draw tab strip in code instead of using image resources.

    Enable recently closed tab search in Search in Tabs feature.

    Enable text content search in Search in Tabs feature.

    Enables opening user-selected webpages in the browser sidebar.

    Allows for tab drag & drop onto workspace icon in browser sidebar.

    The flags enabled by default (ready to use):
    Allows to open bookmarks in inactive workspaces.

    Displays and lets change active workspace in main menu window drop down on Mac.

    Makes browser sidebar mouse right-click context menu related to given sidebar icon.

    Displays notification near sidebar's inactive workspace icon when new tab is opened or moved into one.

    The #weather-on-startpage is enabled by default (ready to use).
    The #history-onboarding is disabled in this build.

    Removed Opera's flags: #aliexpress-modal, #booking-modal, #new-component-update-mechanism, #horizontal-tab-cycler, #notification-overlay-on-taskbar, #sidebar-setup-panel, #tab-strip-views and #video-pop-out-surface-layers.
    Chromium is updated to version 83.0.4103.97, which is also a security update.
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  • Hello!
    Where to find this setting.

  • Hello @kreesr, do you mean opera:flags#extensions-toolbar-menu?

  • @kreesr Ah I see what you mean - it's kind broken now. Disable opera:flags#extensions-toolbar-menu, relaunch the browser, and click the "Extensions" icon in the toolbar, then you can pin/unpin extensions.
    You can also right-click an extension icon, and and select "unpin" to hide it, then when you want to pin it again (make it visible in the toolbar), you click on "Extensions" icon again and pin it.

  • @l33t4opera
    Hi, here is what I wanted to say:
    My comment with questions.

  • @kreesr
    if you want to Hide extention's icon, just right click on it and choose "Hide from toolbar".
    if you want to show Hidden icon, move Cursor between "Add to bookmarks" button and Extentions's icons and pull URL box to Left:
    alt text

  • New (also security) update - Opera stable 69.0.3686.49 ;-)
    The change log and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-79195 Wrong date on History.
    - DNA-86983 Allow to search from the tile.
    - DNA-87051 No autocompletion in the address bar for Speed Dials.
    - DNA-87114 Double scrollbar in Bookmarks popup.
    Chromium is updated to version 83.0.4103.116.
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  • A new, minor update - Opera stable 69.0.3686.57 ;-)
    The change log and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-87104 Right click context menu becomes scrollable sometimes.
    - DNA-87376 "Search in tabs" opens significantly slower in O69.
    - DNA-87535 Sort out News on Start Page state.
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  • New update - Opera stable 69.0.3686.77 ;-)
    The change log and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-84207 New "Yubikey" enrollment is not working.
    - DNA-87382 Integrate scrolling to top of the feed with existing scroll position restoration.
    - DNA-87588 Merge "Prevent pointer from being sent in the clear over SCTP" to desktop-stable-83-3686.
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  • @l33t4opera opera://flags/#horizontal-tab-cycler got removed? How can I switch from "Improved visual tab cycler" to more familiar tab cycling?

  • @lamcheg13 Yes. And you can't.