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[Solved] how many "opera.exe" processes need to run for each open browser web page?

  • Hi I'm new here. And I'm not at all able to code or program etc. Ie., I'm a 65y/o Journalist-in-exile luddite.

    On a 2006 Toshiba laptop, which Opera runs well on, (much better than most other browsers), in the laptop's "Task Manager" "Processes" window, I notice there are many "opera.exe." processes running a once, which, having not a clue as to what they do, and with my being something of a dissident, would like to know how many opera.exe programs, apps, or whatever they are, need to run at any given time, for ...., say .... three browser windows open concurrently.

    Starting the browser just now, with 3 pages open from my last session, when I opened the task manager processes window, 15 (Fifteen ) opera.exe thingees were running.

    Can someone tell me what they might be doing, and are they anything to do with unwanted hackers "tuning-in"?

    (In my next life, I'm gunna learn to code!!!)


    #Juss (Rogue Defiance )

    (NB; please don't troll me here, and only respond if you can answer this accurately, And , in "layman's terms".)

  • Open Opera internal task manager (from menu or by pressing Shift+Esc) - there you can see, what processes are active. Usually there are some core processes, then process or two for each tab and process for each extension. All chromium based browsers (Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera) work this way.

    This is not related to hacking in any way 🙂

  • Each page uses multiple processes. How many depends on a few things. There's a separate process for each iframe and origin. There could be seperate processes for parsing the page and for rendering things out out of the current process for the page. Some of those things are for security reasons. Also, the GPU handling runs in its own process. Some other web features run in a separate process on the page. Also, each extension (including all the hidden extensions used to provide Opera's features on top of Chromium) uses a process. In short, it's normal to have a whole bunch of processes. Nothing to worry about.

  • Thanks to both responders.
    Question answered.