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Opera crashes my computer (especially when watch YouTube videos)

  • Hello, some help needed.
    Some 3-4 days ago, I noticed that when watch a video on YouTube the computer suddenly restart. (no BSOD). Few times I noticed that freeze, and when moving the mouse the screen go black and stays like that forever (I left it for 10 min or so) and have to manually shutdown or simply reboots.
    I do not use frequently the computer so I do not know for sure when it started (for sure last week).
    So, I thought that a cleaning is necessary and I leaned it (is a laptop), however no dust. I also changed the thermal paste on the CPU. Same issues. I suspected a failing HDD or a virus. Ran tests and nothing wrong.
    Installed Firefox and Chrome and no issue. Wiped Opera and made a clean reinstall and YouTube crashes my computer. I can not watch a 10 min long video.
    Monitoring the RAM/CPU usage I see nothing abnormal and the temperatures are ok.
    However, I watched videos on my PC that are hardware decoded (downloaded) and nothing happened unless I left Opera on (one tab only, a search page in Google)
    I did not installed any software/hardware recently. Windows installation is from February when I wiped the HDD and checked it for errors (not found any) Windows Update is deactivated, did not installed any update since the installation. As antivirus I had MSE and installed Panda to check my computer two days ago.
    My specs:
    Laptop Compal NCL60, Core I3 m370, 6G DDR3, 320G Hitachi HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1.
    Opera Version:68.0.3618.165.
    Enabled integrated adblock and no tracking.
    As a side note, I noted that when logged in my google account and watch a video on YouTube, it recently started to show a ad or two right at the start of the video, when its normal ads are still blocked. When or adblock is disabled this do not happens, the regular ads are displayed, same when not logged in but without seeing any ads. This started a week ago or so, before the computer started to crash.

  • @sebavoda Is your graphics card drivers up to date?

  • Yes, is Intel HD graphics for Core I3 first gen processor and have the latest driver available on the Intel site.
    It have no problems, I watched videos (mp4, mkv) in 720 and 1080) but on YouTube always watch on 360p-480p resolution. Also I found that even videos on Facebook, Instagram and other sites crashes my computer. Sometimes, the screen goes black or freezes and the sound keeps running fine or shuttered.
    However, videos that are downloaded on the local storage play just fine. Also Firefox and Chrome works ok.

  • @sebavoda Same codec is used for the video in Chrome and Opera?

  • I do not know. I installed K-lite codec pack for regular video play/encoding. Internet browsers I do not know if they use theirs codecs or those I installed. I guess they have theirs own, as no icons shows on the taskbar.
    Just loaded same video on Opera and Firefox.
    Firefox: 480p: vp09. (244) opus (251)
    Opera : 144 : vp09. (278) opus (250)
    Firefox: 144 : vp09. (278) opus (250)

  • @sebavoda While watching a video on YouTube, right click on it and then click on Statistics for nerds to see which codec is being used.

  • @sebavoda said in Opera crashes my computer (especially when watch YouTube videos):

    Just loaded same video on Opera and Firefox.
    Firefox: 480p: vp09. (244) opus (251)
    Opera : 144 : vp09. (278) opus (250)
    Firefox: 144 : vp09. (278) opus (250)

  • @sebavoda What about Chrome or any other Chromium based browser?

  • Opera 144: av01.0.00M.08 (394) opus (250)
    Chrome 144: av01.0.00M.08 (394) opus (250)

    Another video
    vp09. (278) opus (251)
    on Opera, Firefox and Chrome @144.
    Watched the video on FF, after that in Chrome and in Opera, after few minutes it crashed.

  • So, no ideas what can I do about? I have to use Firefox for Youtbe/video online and Opera for everything else. Also no way to import passwords from Opera to FF and I like more Opera (I am using it since late XP era), did not want to give up on it...
    Any help?

  • @sebavoda Any difference if you disable hardware acceleration?

  • Thanks for the tip. I disabled hardware acceleration and I play a 15 minutes YouTube video without issues (usually in the first 5 minutes it would crash, freeze or restarted the computer).
    The CPU usage is way higher however, from 10-15% to 45-50% while in Firefox is around 15% while video play. Those percents are counted from idle with the browser open and only YouTube and Opera Forums page open (5-15%).

  • @sebavoda Yes, disabling hardware acceleration increases the CPU usage, once the GPU stop being used.

  • @leocg Thanks, for now will do. But any workaround to fix the problem? Maybe will wait to a next update and will try to enable hardware again? Btw, do you recommend trying Opera GX?

  • @sebavoda Try re-enabling it again and messing with those video (decode) related flags in opera://flags: