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Right-click instantly closes again

  • I right-click and can only see the white where the menu where supposed to be, but it instantly closes. Why? I have restarted Opera, and it works well for a little while. Annoying AF. Mouse gestures works fine.

    Running on Xubuntu 20.04 with newest Opera(I can't get to any of the menus to check for version).

    Got the menus working again, didn't restart. Just started working again. But now I have a problem with copy and paste. Which I suspect is an Syngery2 issue.

  • opera::about will tell you the version.

  • @sgunhouse Yes, and I have it. It just won't allow me to paste it. Now it let me, as Synergy isn't running.

    Opera is up to date

  • Does that mean you think Synergy is the causes?

    The standard keyboard shortcuts (meaning they work in pretty much everything, not just Opera) include

    Ctrl-X Cut
    Ctrl-C Copy
    Ctrl-V Paste
    Ctrl-Z Undo
    Ctrl-Y Redo (Undo last Undo)
    Ctrl-A Select All