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How to transfer Speed Dial to another Mac

  • Setting up a new Mac, would like to transfer the Opera Speed Dial page from previous Mac. I don't want to copy the whole ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera folder (470MB), because I want to start fresh. I copied the two Bookmarks files from that folder, which gave me the bookmarks, but didn't give me the previous Speed Dial page, which has several dozen links arranged in groups. What do I have to copy to get the Speed Dial page?

  • @handymac Go to the bookmarks page and copy/move the content of Other Speed Dials to Speed Dial.
    It may also happen that your old speed dials are on a different place like Imported Bookmarks

  • @leocg Thanks for your response. I see the Speed Dial collection I want in Other Speed Dials (apparently it's contained in the Bookmarks file, which is the only file I copied into the new ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera folder). But I can't figure out how to copy/move it. I tried to drag it to Speed Dial in the list on the left, but that didn't work. I saw that Copy ⌘C and Paste ⌘P are active, so tried to Copy from Other Speed Dials then Paste in Speed Dial, but that didn't work either. I tried opening the Speed Dial set in Other Speed Dials, then Select All ⌘A, then Copy and Paste, but still no luck. What now?

  • @handymac What exactly are you trying to drag into Speed Dial?

    You need to do it with the folders and Speed Dial entries.

  • @leocg In the Other Speed Dials page is a folder "Rand's iMac", which contains the Speed Dial page setup my friend created in Opera. I'm rebuilding his computer setup from scratch, starting with a fresh install of MacOS, etc. So I tried dragging this folder to Speed Dial (see the red arrow in the screenshot below). But that did nothing.

    alt text

    So I tried Copy and Paste: I couldn't find a way to "select" the folder, but Copy was live in the Edit menu, so I selected it, and it blinked, apparently copying something. Though now when I go to the Finder and select "Show Clipboard" under the Edit menu, something else is in the Clipboard, so apparently nothing was copied from the Opera page. So when I go to the Speed Dial page (tab) and select Paste from the Edit menu, nothing happens.

    If I click on the Rand's iMac folder, it "opens" to show some 16 folders, each containing from three to three dozen links/urls. Is it necessary to copy each one (I'd guess there are over a hundred) and rebuild the Speed Dial page link by link? That's a lot of work. I was hoping there was a way to simply replace the generic, default Speed Dial (that opens when Opera is opened) with this other one that my friend built. Or at least add this set to the default Speed Dial page, then remove the preexisting links.

    I've never used this feature (never used Opera), so am unfamiliar with how it works. Since I copied the Bookmarks file from the previous ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera folder to the new ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera folder, and all the bookmarks now appear in the Bookmarks menu as they did before. Is there a way to do the same with the Speed Dial function?

  • @handymac You can'ty drag the folder with the device name. You need to open it and drag what is inside.

  • @leocg Okay, I see, that works. So I have to drag 25 items rather than just one. At least it's not 100+. I tried to Select All ⌘A, but that didn't work. Why are these items live in the Edit menu if they don't do anything?

    And I see the 25 folders need to dragged starting from the bottom row, as that is how they are placed on the Speed Dial page, building from the bottom up. So they all need to be rearranged now. I'll leave that up to my friend, now I've got them all on the page.

    Thanks for your help.

  • @handymac At least on Windows you usually can select all, then copy and paste.