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Opera doesn't accept user certificates

  • This is exact same case as in this topic which was for some reason locked despite lack of resolution.

    When trying to enable in AdGuard HTTPS filtering for Opera there is a warning saying "This app does not trust user certificates".

    When enabling it anyway, accessing any webpage with HTTPS in Opera results in security error saying that the certificate is not trusted. There is no way to bypass it.

    I have no issues with filtering HTTPS connections in other apps (including other browsers).


    Adguard Opera Android

    Opera Android

  • It's been over 3 weeks and there is no reply to this topic. I'd like to know what is being done in order to resolve this issue.

  • up. I also have this problem. How do I make Opera accept user certificates? Everything works well in Chrome... This problem came only in the 10th Android. The built-in ad blocker is just a pathetic parody compared to that.

  • @trojanmsi I agree, except for the Android version. Had the issue already on Android 7.0. Now I have the same thing on Android 10. Two different systems, two different devices, the issue is entirely on Opera side.

  • @Lord-Blizzard This is not exactly a problem, but rather a feature. Or even to protect against traffic interception. But some other browsers allow this. While still Chrome (the "Google" app is also blocking). Firefox allows new and old. It turns out that there is no sense in Adguard now. Pop-up banners are not bad and DNS blocks (nextdns for example or pi-dns, but you need to configure and add a line in the Android settings)

  • @trojanmsi Don't be ridiculous, displaying misleading, false-positive warnings that "my connection is not private" and that "attackers might steal my credit cards" is not a "feature". If it is, let me disable it and let me worry about my device security.

    there is no sense in Adguard now. Pop-up banners are not bad

    That's just your opinion. If you like seeing ads - good for you. I don't.

    I installed a certificate on my device's system and the application need to accept it, period.

    Screenshot_20200820-151629_Opera (1).jpg

  • Hi, can I have an update on the status of this issue? Is there anything being done to resolve this? Thank you.

  • why is nobody responding to this?
    it has to be fixed!

  • hello?
    can we have some acknowledgement at least?

    this is Working Fine in Any Other browser.
    chrome, brave, firefox, vivaldi..
    can any opera team member respond?

  • Here I was told how to achieve this, but you will need to repeat the procedure after each update, which creates more problems than periodically seeing ads.

    If there is a root, then everything is of course easier, you can move the certificate to the system storage and the problem is solved

  • @trojanmsi thanks for that, but you are right, it's too much hassle to go through every time the app is updated. If they don't fix it soon, I'm just gonna ditch Opera for good and use a different browser instead.

  • @Lord-Blizzard
    you can already try Yandex browser which has a lot of the features Opera has.
    it also solves this problem easily.
    if this isn't resolved soon I will surely switch to that browser.