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[Solved]Restore Dialpad Folders As They Were

  • Hi, I have neatly organized my dialpads into named folders with related website links in each dialpad folder.. I understand that Opera will save Bookmarks and certain settings with The Bookmark Export but How do I get the same setting and look restored for the Dialpads I have saved as folders?

    Thank for any help on this issue.

  • Restore after what?

  • Well let's say a different PC or a total new OS install.

  • Are you saying that when you export your bookmarks to an HTML file and then import the HTML file in a new Opera, your speed dial folders are lost or not in the right order? As in, the export and import isn't retaining the sorting?

    One thing you can do is copy the "Bookmarks" and "BookmarksExtras" files from Opera's profile folder (see the URL opera://about for the location) and replace the new profiles copies with those copies. That should retain everything.

  • Yes, I did a basic bookmark export and when I attempted to import the backed up bookmark into a Opera browser I had on my other PC the bookmarks were imported properly but the speed dials, as I had them setup in folders and organized, were not retained.

    Maybe I didn't clearly understand a statement I read where it claimed that the speed dials will be saved with the bookmarks when they are exported. However, if that is true, I can not understand why your speed dials will not be imported exactly how you would have had them exported; same folder names and layout as they were exported for example.

  • @burnout426 said in Restore Dialpad Folders As They Were:


    Thanks for this helpful information.. I'm gona try this method and see if it will resolve what I am trying to explain about restoring the speed dials etc. t=Thanks

  • One other statement I made I would like to clarify is that I meant to say Speed Dials not Dial Pad.. lol.. My bad.. Anyhow, it is the Speed Dial Feature that is incorporated with the Opera Browser. Thanks

  • I see from that you sorted things out. I assume then that the pic the user posted in the thread described the issue that you were seeing here.

  • @burnout426

    Yes, that appears to solve the issue with getting the user's Speed Dials back the way they originally were after a restore/re-install. I would want to believe this is something that we Opera lovers can hope is incorporated as part of a restore in the future without this having to be searched for and understood.

    Not being sarcastic, but the Speed Dials are a feature within the browser.

    Thanks for your help burnout426 anyhow.. 👍