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  • Opera Devs proves themselves as useless once again. There's a lot to improvement in the existing features of Opera Mini & there's a lot to bug fixing but instead everytime, every single time they do some UI changing sh*t only.... Why ??????????????????

    • Now what? Change UI & messed up totally. Black theme doesn't seems that good. The pointer in a dialogue box seems totally white and barely can see. If I do select all the text in a dialogue box to copy the whole writing then it is barely seen that how much it was selected actually. Instead of being black it's just a total while background. Screenshot is below here..
      And sometimes has these kinds of issue. Randomly comes up different Interface in the status bar..
      Snapshot 1:-
      Snapshot 2:-
      In the 2nd snapshot; the red icon of opera mini & the file sharing shortcut icon in the status bar is totally useless & annoying as hell.

    *** Please, Please, Please. Instead of change the UI every f**king time do some actual improvements. Still the built in media player is too poor to use and Opera Mini can't able to block any single ad in Automatic & High saving mode. Fix these severe important problems first.

    About Ad Blocking Problem see these thread's snapshots where AdBlocking problem was depicted.

    AdBlocking is an important thing to fix. But it seems that Opera guys don't give a sh*t at all.

    Using Opera Mini beta 50 on Android 6.0 on WiFi network connection. Fix this. Thanks.

  • @jackob11

    • Insulting the only people who can fix your issues is counterproductive.

    • You are running a beta so you should expect bugs and report them following the instructions in the sticky post. If you don't want to see as many bugs don't run beta software.

    • The red Opera icon is the menu button so it's actually very useful. Is it the color you dislike? Seeing as that's Opera's logo it's unlikely to be changed.

    • I imagine Opera charges advertisers to whitelist their ads like most adblock services do. It helps pay the bills so that's not going to change. The alternative would be making Opera Mini a paid app.