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Prevent apps being added to my side menu without permission

  • I am constantly having apps added to my left menu (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) without having done it myself. I nevwr want this to happen. Every time, I have to manually remove it. While the process of removing it isn't terribly difficult, it is incredibly annoying to have to keep doing it when I already have it set up the way I want.

    Is there a setting somewhere to prevent this from happening?

    Also, since I'm here, it's absurd that I have to agree to receive marketing emails just to join the forums.


  • Digest and notification emails are not marketing. Notification emails are emails that tell you someone replied to your post, or other items you have selected to be notified about in the forum settings. If you were to enable being notified of all new posts you might prefer a digest instead - a single daily message instead of a dozen individual messages. All of that is in your forum settings. (Personally I don't get either - my email provider automatically considered them as spam so I just turned them off.)

    Sorry, currently anyway there's no way to auto-hide new sidebar apps.. You'd only see them after a new version comes out (and not after updates within the same version) so I don't find it a big deal, but to each his own.

  • Thanks, good to know that the emails aren't marketing emails and that I can turn them off to a degree. It's a shame there's no way to disable the sidebar app situation, because to this one's own, it's incredibly annoying.