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Sound disappears, google drive media not working...

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm interested in knowing if anyone else have had the same issues as I do with Opera. I'm close to the point of completely remove it and stop sharing positive ratings about it.

    On my desktop and Laptop Windows pc's, whenever I try to run media from google drive (music files and video), it just say "There was a problem playing this audio/video file.".
    There's also a problem where random videos on other sites out of nowhere won't have any sound.
    Even some youtube-clips, while some others youtube tabs even are playing sound, and I can see that the tab is supposed to have sound as usual.
    I've tried everything I can find, and reported it to Opera plenty of times last 3 years or so, and still no solution.

    When Opera GX was released, I tried it, and at first these problems did actually not turn up, for like 3 days...

  • @exawolt Bump

  • bump...

  • @exawolt Maybe a Google Drive issue?

    You can play the files if you download them?

  • @leocg Of course they work after I've downloaded them, but it's very annoying since I'm working a lot in Google drive.
    But my issue is not only Google drive, there are audio problems on other sites like youtube.

  • @exawolt They are all Google sites, so problems are expected.

    What's your OS and what is your version of Opera?

  • @leocg LVL 1 (core: 68.0.3618.118) + Latest Windos 10.

    Though as mentioned I've had this problem for years, in the Opera classic, and now even with the Opera GX.