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Stop with the annoying sidebar and social media selling!

  • I removed whatsapp, instagram, facebook and all the other unnecessary crap from the sidebar several times, and Opera keeps adding them back in giving me the annoying popups about these various social media integrations, regardless of the fact that I've checked the "Don't Show This Again" check box. After several times of doing this, I disabled the sidebar altogether, yet, this morning the sidebar was showing and the social media icons back again and a popup trying to get me to try them. Iv'e already tried uninstalling and reinstalling so this is clearly intentional. Please fix this and give people the option to not have to see this crap!

  • Agreed. I avoid all spam and personal invasion sites, so I don't need it being shoved down my throat.

  • Re: Stop with the annoying sidebar and social media selling!

    This is still an issue. For Opera to really make me feel like my privacy is their concern, they need to stop this kind of insidious and obnoxious behavior. You know what kind of company intentionally overrides your settings in order to advertise to you? The same kind that will gladly collect and sell all of your personal data to the highest bidder. If this keeps up, I'm going back to Firefox.

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  • I've been using Opera as my browser for the last 10+ years. I've seen new features come and other features go.

    But since 2020, I don't know which update, you are seriously annoying me.

    Every week some random messenger crap pops up on the sidebar.
    A ) I'm not using the sidebar so I have it disabled
    and B ) I'm not using any messenger.

    So why does it keep re-enabling itself without asking me?
    There's a reason I set my configuration the way I want it.
    Stop trying to be Microsoft who "knows what's best for their users."

    Just let me use my own browser the way I want to in peace.
    Else I'll be leaving Opera behind for good.