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M2 in Opera Version 11.xx composing view can I make it looks larger of fonts ?

  • Hi All,

    I tried adjust fonts on Browser Panel, but it larger the fonts on the M2 left hand side bar & the mailing list.

    I tried adjust fonts on Email compose ( Html ) and ...such, does not help what I need.........

    My problem is that, every time I reply all to the mail, the compose area fonts are very small as I am using kind of a 10.4" laptop. I would like to how to make all these fonts "LOOKS" much larger. ( I will fix back the fonts to the correct font size before sending ) , Just I like to see clearly during I typing the mail if I can see a much bigger fonts............

    I tried adjust fonts from aforesaid at browser panel, and email compoese ( html ) , both does not chance the fonts size during I am making reply all.

    Thank you.

  • There are two listings for compose fonts - text and HTML - try the other one.

  • Hello,


    Forgot to mention, have adjusted both places. However, when reply all, still tiny interface in the compose area.

    Any where from fonts setting can let the interface much larger?

    Thank you.

  • What is M2?

  • Opera has some CSS files in progradir.
    One is mime.css for Mail.
    Change seettings there for your need.

  • What is M2?

    M2 is the name of the email client (program) built into the old Presto version of Opera 12.17 and older.

  • Gosh! Never knew...

    Lin, why wasn't a red "new" icon next to this thread's title on the board?

  • I have no idea, but it showed a red NEW icon for me.

  • You mentioned "in interface" ... do you mean the From, To and Subject fields? Try the Dialog font.

    Mail in 7-12 was a completely new system from mail in older versions, so originally they referred to it as M2. After about 5 years - when most people didn't remember the older mail client - they dropped the M2 name and just started calling it Mail.

  • Try dragging the zoom tool into the compose page thing and see if that works