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  • As much as I love Opera, and I will continue to use it in preference over other large-brand browsers, I am somewhat concerned over a few "forced feature" options that are a little difficult, if not impossible, to disable.

    I received the latest update today (May 1st) and was informed that the Instagram Sidebar was now available, great for people who use it so no problem there, and was asked if I wanted to enable it. I do not use Instagram so I clicked the option for not now.

    Naturally it appeared as if I had clicked "yes I would love to see this even though I clicked NO". Maybe a bug? Maybe a little bit of "you really want this and must have clicked no by accident" psychology from the dev team perhaps?

    Also the ad-blocker, which I really do like to see built in to the browser. I have disabled it in the settings but it still appears on the top bar, admittedly with the switch in the off position but I expected it to be actually disabled completely as I am choosing to use a third-party blocker at this time.

    Another also, as others have mentioned in other threads there is the issue of the Speed Dial suggestions coming back on whenever they want to, typically after the addition of a new Opera feature. I thought this pestilential annoyance was dead and buried but apparently not.

    I actually do use Speed Dials for a few selected links and shortcuts and I have left the feature enabled, however I do not want suggested Speed Dials appearing "in my face" every time I visit a brand-name website, it will not incite me to go back and use that site even more, it will likely incite me to uninstall opera and use another browser, devs reading this please take note of my reaction here!!!

    I admit these are minor gripes, more like observations than complaints, and I have only touched upon a few of the features that concern me here, however I do feel some concern here that some features are being "highly profiled" a little more than they should be. Opera has always been a browser that can be easily configured for a diverse audience of users, please do not let it slip too far into the main stream "you get what you are given and you will like it" category.

    I appeal to the devs to please keep the features, which I am sure are extremely popular throughout the entire Opera community and I would embrace them for the good of the community, both optional and configurable for those of us who do not actually want or use such features ourselves but are happy to have them there for the people who do use them.

  • @josephmanderley

    I agree 101%!

  • @josephmanderley
    I would like to see development comment on the privacy concerns, also. How do I know information about my browsing, machine, history, etc., isn't being sent to Facebook (who owns Instagram), just because that widget is there? I note that somewhere in Opera's settings it actually says nothing will change behind the scenes, just because you disable a feature. it took a while, but after dumping Presto for Chromium, Opera is basically as good as it was 7 years ago. Thank you for maintaining that by respecting user's privacy. If Opera has privacy concerns, I'll use FireFox, or even Brave. (Nothing against Brave, but if you ask me, if you have a proper content blocking extension, why would you ever use it?)

  • @op3000 Under the My Flow setting switch, on Opera for Windows, is where you'll find the message "Disabling My Flow doesn’t remove any content or connections."

  • @josephmanderley

    Naturally it appeared as if I had clicked "yes I would love to see this even though I clicked NO

    what is your os? it didn't happen to me on macOS. you can report a bug.

    I have disabled it in the settings but it still appears on the top bar

    I had the same thing. this should be a feature request. it looks like a ui design mistake.

    Speed Dial suggestions coming back on whenever they want to

    again I never had this problems in macos. I believe it's a windows specific thing, so I'm not sure if it's because of opera. did you disable receive promoted speed dials and bookmarks and show speed dial suggestions. this is not an issue on macos version. please try reporting a bug.