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How to stop load all tabs when opening opera?

  • I usually keeps so many tabs when I close opera.
    When I open opera next time, It will load all tabs and my computer will 'STUCK' so long time, How to Stop Loading Tabs?
    I want to just load one tab when I see the one page.
    I using opera 12.17 and windows 7.

  • It's not possible AFAIK.

    Delay loading of background tabs / Lazy session loading is only available in Opera 22+.

  • "Opera can start up with the tabs you had open when you last closed the browser, or can start with a previously saved session, or your home page. If you want to choose every time you launch Opera, enable the start-up dialog."


  • @biged, But that does nothing for the original poster, who is obviously using a previously saved session. That's the thing that is giving them the problem, some tabs are not loading when Opera is started, they just get stuck loading and never finish.

  • I think zeroOevolution has the problem I have: When I shut down my pc I leave open all the tabs I might need next time. When Opera restarts next time I have it set to open with the same tabs as last session. But instead of loading the cached pages, it downloads them all again. The trouble is - that takes ages, specially if some of them are no longer valid.
    In Firefox you can avoid this. Lately I have problems with Firefox, so I have shifted to Opera which is usually faster.

  • OK, Rafaeluik, I have Opera 23. How do I do it?

  • A query I have (Opera 23) is how do I get Print preview? on other browsers I can do this. I need to set sizes and so on quite often, otherwise a lot of ink, paper and time get wasted.

  • how do I get Print preview?

    There is no print preview on Opera Blink.

  • OK, Rafaeluik, I have Opera 23. How do I do it?
    Go to the settings and enable the advanced settings checkbox (at the bottom or use the search field), then you can tick the option to delay the loading of the background tabs.

    I believe this is the same thing you could do in Firefox.

  • @huttonfrank: Check . I believe #session-tabs-serialization could be useful to you. When you close the browser, Opera will save the pages on your HDD and load them from there when opening the browser. You might also want to take a look at the other options, you may find them useful as well.