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Step by step tutorial on manual movement of bookmarks from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer to 22

  • Guys, Don't you think a good idea for your releasing Opera 22 without an acceptable bookmark manager would be a tutorial(written or video) on steps for novice users to migrate manually from other browsers or is there one I have not seen? Geez. Thanks! austexjam

  • I desperately need this tutorial! Under More Tools, Bookmark importer is "grayed" out. WHY? WHY? WHY?

  • The Bookmarks importer only imports bookmarks from OperaPresto -- noww version 12.17 -- into Opera Blink. Now version 22. Opera is working on a bookmarks manager that would import from third party browsers into Opera Blink (now version 22). At least, that is my understanding.

    It's not the hard generally 😉 to get your bookmarks from another browser into Opera 22. Obviously if Opera had provided specific instructions it would be easier. As it is, people in the forum try to help you.

    What browser do you have bookmarks in that you are trying to get into Opera 22. One approach would be to import them into the Chrome browser (which has a bookmark import mechanism), and then copy the bookmarks file from the Chrome profile into the Opera profile. It's a simple copy and paste action. So you do have to know how to copy a file, and to paste it into a folder. In addition, you have to do is be able to locate the files in question in your computer. The location of the Opera profile is provided in the Opera Menu/About Opera. That profile folder is called Opera Stable. As for the location of the Chrome profile, so you can find the bookmarks file in it, it would depend on what Operating System you are using.

  • Thanks! I am a windows 7 user and I recently imported into a Chrome browser my bookmarks from firefox and internet which were giving me issues (flash and cpu usage). I just need steps to take from Chrome into Opera 22. I await your reply. Have a great weekend! austexjam

  • @austexjam

    You need to locate where the Chrome bookmarks folder is in your computer. Check this link out.!topic/chrome/RroUugGtLB8

    It appears the location of the profile is at: C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

    Find that Default file, and there is a bookmarks file in it.

    That's the file you copy into your Opera profile. It's probably at: C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    You can confirm the location of the Opera profile by clicking on the Opera menu in the upper left of the brower, and then clicking on About Opera. That will show you the location of the profile in your computer.

    So, copy the bookmarks file from the Chrome profile into Opera Stable.

    Close the Opera browser before you do this.

    And remember to activate the personal bookmarks bar in Opera. Go Alt P (settings), and under User Interface, put a check in Show the Bookmarks Bar.

  • Chrome shows only 1kb. Seems low. I have two window explorer open: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default & C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable. I cannot copy a bak file into a bak file . I can send you a snip showing this. I need a folder to cut and paste into????????????

  • @austexjam

    At c:\users\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default, I have file called "Bookmarks" that has 90 kb in it. I also have a file called "Bookmarks.bak" which is a backup file. The file called "Bookmarks" is the file you want to move to the Opera profile. In my Opera profile there is also a file called Bookmarks. At this point it has 387 kbs in it. (Now you want to copy the Bookmarks file from the Chrome Default folder into the Opera profile folder, called "Opera Stable."

    You hardly have any bookmarks in Chrome? 1kb is much too little. Maybe this is what happened, and I'm just guessing. When you imported from Firefox to Chrome, the bookmarks that were in Chrome before the import (hardly any) became the Bookmarks.bak file. That's why hardly anything is there. But the bulk of your bookmarks would have gone into a file called "Bookmarks."

    Do you have a lot of bookmarks showing up in Chrome (as a result of the import from Firefox) showing up in your Bookmarks bar in Chrome? If so, find the file in the Default folder of Chrome, just called "Bookmarks." That's the one to copy into the opera profile to replace whatever Bookmarks file is already there. (If there's a bookmarks file there, you can rename the one there, Bookmarks.bak or Bookmarks.bak2. And if you have a good amount of bookmarks, that should have more than 1kb in it. At least, that's what I'm thinking. I did not import from Chrome to Opera, but had my bookmarks in Opera Presto, so the Bookmarks importer (in Opera Blink) (now Opera 22) worked for me. It was not greyed out.

  • I appreciate the help. I do not understand how but I show 829 KB already in Opera 22 & only 1 KB in Chrome bookmark files. Spooky. Thanks again!

  • @austexjam

    Did your bookmarks show up in Chrome, when you imported from Firefox into Chrome. Did you find the correct bookmarks file in chrome. I gave the location of it. It is not bookmarks.bak. The file is just called, Bookmarks.

    Now when you say you have 829 KB in your bookmarks file in Opera, are you checking the "Bookmarks" file in Opera Stable. Again, not Bookmarks.bak. Are any bookmarks showing up in Opera 22? Did you activate your Personal Bookmarks bar in Opera 22. Go Alt P (settings), and then in User Interface, put a check in Show the Bookmarks Bar.

  • I found to input bookmarks from chrome to opera make the bookmark.html then drag and drop in the address window in opera then + the address into the quick launch bar. the icon will open your imported bookmarks in Opera

  • I desperately need this tutorial! Under More Tools, Bookmark importer is "grayed" out. WHY? WHY? WHY?

    export your bookmarks to a *html file ...then drag and drop into your address window, the add to quick launch. they are there and work like a charm

  • If you copy the Chrome Bookmarks file into the Opera 22 profile (replacing the Bookmarks file that is there), they should show up instantly. Or at least, that's what people have reported in the forum.

    I don't follow the alternate way you're suggesting, dejonn, though it seems more complicated. You seem to be saying you need to make the Chrome bookmarks into an html file, and drag and drop that file into the address window of Opera, and ???? What do you mean by the quick launch bar? And what icon will open your bookmarks?

    Just copy the Chrome bookmarks file into the Opera profile (replacing the bookmarks file that is there).