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  • The first Opera stable 68.0.3618.46 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    New Opera's flags - disabled by default (work in progress):
    Enable additional dropdown in the address bar.

    Enables Views implementation of tab strip on Mac.

    Display weather widget in start page's top left corner.

    New Opera's flags - enabled by default (ready to use):
    Enables Instagram to be accessible from browser's sidebar.

    Improvements in the Search in Open Tabs feature.

    Removed Opera's flags: #advanced-content-blocking, #captive-portal-interstitial, #highlight-duplicate-tabs-on-hover and #reborn-3-dropdown.
    Chromium is updated to version 81.0.4044.113.
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  • New, minor update - Opera stable 68.0.3618.56 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-85771 DNS-over-HTTPS example in settings is wrong.
    - DNA-85976 Change page display time, when navigating from opera:startpage.
    - DNA-85474 [Mac] Dragging tabs to the left with hidden sidebar is broken.
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  • Just to let you know, the search in open tabs option might be great (I don't know, didn't use it since the update), but why it is instead of option to reopen recently closed tabs (this one I use roughly 2 times per hour)? Very strange decision. Fortunately, I found this solution so I can get the better option back again. This means I will never use the search one unless you allow to coexist them at once - there's plenty of room there, IMO.

  • @l33t4opera Hey, so I was looking at the release notes for Opera and I found this

    "New Opera's flag #tab-strip-views for Mac (disabled by default - work in progress)
    Enables Views implementation of tab strip Mac."

    I enabled this and found that the design of the new tab bar does change and it makes it SO MUCH faster and smoother, the difference is going from a laggy tab bar to buttery smooth. However, this makes a big blank bar appear on every page (Picture attached)

    So I tried the the latest developer version to see if its fixed but there is no flag for this option and the tab style is still the old one. Is this removed ? It dosent say so in the changelog? Is there any way for me to get this tab strip implementation without that big bar?

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi @wiktorm, you can still use the shortcut to open recently closed tabs.

  • Hi @erudious, I can't see any picture, perhaps you forgot to add it?
    The flag is already removed on developer stream, so most probably it will not come back anyway.

  • New, (also security) update - Opera stable 68.0.3618.63 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Chromium is updated to version 81.0.4044.129.
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  • @l33t4opera Hi, yes I forgot to add the picture, but Ive made a deciated post about it now. My point is the new tab strip (the one on windows and the one that is now implemented with mac) is really slow compared to the old one on mac. I dont understand why is this change made and why no option to revert?
    Its like going from 60fps to 10fps

  • @l33t4opera said in Opera stable 68 - news:


    I want to know why don't I have a choice to return back previous small drop-down menu with open tabs??
    I have a high-resolution display and almost 200 tabs open. New search-in-open-tabs feature opens an inconveniently large window and shows me only limited amount of tabs. Not ALL tabs are in the new list. WHY?
    Is it possible somehow to return previous open-tab button and menu?

  • @televika when you disable opera:flags#search-in-open-tabs you can have the old drop-down if that is what you want. Don't forget to restart the browser.

  • New update for Mac - Opera stable 68.0.3618.91 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-85609 [Mac] Tabs shrinking & disappearing.
    - DNA-85629 Crash at opera::DownloadButtonPanel::ShouldShowCancelButton.
    - DNA-85820 Flags are blue in default [D] state after restart.
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  • @l33t4opera Don't you know by chance, whether they are in course about all this negative feedback on forum (collected in these topics , ?
    Are they going to take it into account and offer something positive regarding the removed TabMenu in near future (add the 'recently closed' section on new 'search in tab' popup or smth. similar), instead of advices of using the OMenu >History?

  • @andrew84 AFAIK all kind of feedback is always taken under consideration by the Opera. The Tab menu is still available in the developer - just you need to disable opera:flags#search-in-open-tabs.
    I'm sure someone from the Opera already read your post, and most probably will reply to you about this if needed, or at least will take the suggestions under consideration.

  • New (also security) update - Opera stable 68.0.3618.104 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-86077 Problem to upload JPG file as a wallpaper.
    - DNA-86165 Downloads list doesn’t returns to its original state after clearing search filter.
    - DNA-86241 X tab button is not visible.
    Chromium is updated to version 81.0.4044.138.
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  • New, minor update - Opera stable 68.0.3618.125 and the announcement ;-)
    There's no change log for this version.
    It contains fixes for the display of news on the Start Page.
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  • Another minor update - Opera stable 68.0.3618.165 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-85650 Crash at TabStripModel::GetIndexOfWebContents(content::WebContents const*).
    - DNA-86273 Disabled Ad-Block blocks resources inside IFrame.
    - DNA-86705 [Win] media permissions dialog not shown for Sidebar messengers.
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  • New, minor update - Opera stable 68.0.3618.173 ;-)
    The change log and the announcement.

    It includes two crash fixes - more info in the change log.
    New Opera's flag #aliexpress-modal.
    The flag added in previous build (68.0.3618.165) #booking-modal.
    Both are disabled by default - work in progress.

    Removed Opera's flag #turn-on-features-downloaded-by-installer-on-updates. 
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