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Bookmarks Deleted after cleaning temp folder

  • Hi there, I've been using Opera GX. Today I was cleaning my temp folder, which I do regularly.
    And after I have finished, my PC started to act weird, folders wouldn't open anymore.
    So I restarted my PC and eveything went back to normal except that all my bookmarks, passwords and etc from Opera were gone.
    I didn't have a Opera sync account, so I'm hoping there was any other way to recover those things...

  • same? this is ridiculous!

  • Same? You were cleaning your temp folder too?

  • Hello,

    Perhaps no one look at Opera GX section?
    Since I am using "Stable" version, not GX, but I believe Stable/GX are almost similar bookmarks system.

  • @iriatum GX is just Opera with a different UI and a couple of different features.

  • @drakerin0 In menu > help >about Opera, what is the path to the profile directory?

  • @leocg It says: "C:\Users\drakerin0\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera GX Stable"

  • @drakerin0 Seems OK.

  • @leocg,
    Here > C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable
    What does this have to do with our problem!!
    What about lost bookmarks? is it gone already? deleted while use windows clean tool? seriously?

    I clean my PC using windows tool, shutdown my PC & then went to work, didn't noticed any changed because I didn't use browser at that time? it's just regularly clean "BASIC" I didn't even use Opera cleaner tool or any others ...!!!

    Once I try to open a link "Opera my default browser" I saw there is new update I didn't hesitate to press relaunched to open Opera without bookmarks?

    Bookmarks is completely empty .... it says: "Add your first bookmark using ❤"

    Is there anyway to get old bookmarks back?

  • @iriatum I was just trying to see if the directory was in the wrong place for some reason.

  • It seems no one have solution to get lost bookmarks back...

  • @iriatum If you open the Bookmarks file in a text editor, do you see any sign of your bookmarks?

  • @leocg hay mate, apologies for late reply!

    If you open the Bookmarks file in a text editor, do you see any sign of your bookmarks?
    Before I bother to search for solution, I tried to open the folder you mentioned and take a look around for any missing file/folder, first I checked Bookmarks was completely empty "NO URL" (VSC editor) ...
    Now; while writing this line i double checked, still nothing!!!
    Yesterday, I started to bookmark what I remembered, by visit each or googling 😞 this gona take ages ....

    BTW: there are 2 files:

    • bookmarks (which is suppose to be contained url) ALMOST EMPTY
    • BookmarksExtras (unreadable)

    Answering your question: No, there is no sign of any HOPE!

    However, worth to mention that most of files/folders duplicated? doubled and/or tripled same name but ended with:

    • .backup
    • .old
    • .tmp
    • .log

    Unfortunately, bookmarks not one of them?
    Even thou, my curiosity took me deep into folders, while I am 100% that bookmarks long gone "deleted" In a way or another....
    My suspicious caused this issue one of the following; either it is (updating Windows) or (updating Opera) last version, there is no other way?

    I am 100% positive , because ..

    1. No one touched my computer!
    2. I didn't use any third-party tools to "clean" my PC? as mentioned previously post...
    3. I was trying to start some project, that's why I collect all of these URL, otherwise ... why bothering ?
      I mean I never go further without backing up my stuff? so I have my old bookmarks...

    My problem is: ALL Bookmarks disappeared just like that?
    I read articles at windows center, talking about last cumulative update can causes some issues and "delete files" one of them!

  • @iriatum Bpokmarks files also has a duplicate named Bookmarks.bak.

  • @leocg In which folder do you mean? I can't find any other file name "Bookmark" than these 2 ....
    (Bookmarks & BookmarksExtras)

  • @iriatum The same as the original one.

  • @leocg I can't find any other file name "Bookmark" than these 2 ....
    (Bookmarks & BookmarksExtras)

  • @iriatum Then they weren't created. Or they were lost.

  • @leocg is this just a guess, since you never request any logs from 3 of us who face same issue! (I don't know how this works but I know what other moderator in other forums will do "Basic" things to figure out)

    I have no problem with that at all, but what case this issue?

    " Lost All Bookmarks "

    So I'll try my best to avoid it next time?

  • @iriatum Those are the two possibilities for the question /discussion I was replying to.