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  • Using Opera since 2017 on IOS and I noticed that sometimes private mode does remember last url visited. This is strange, because all tabs were closed, opera were not running and opening a new Opera session in private mode, as soon as I type something, I see the full url been predicted.

  • Are you sure? It's true that when you type in the address bar in private mode, search suggestions are shown, but these are not from private mode, they are suggestions from normal mode use. Searches in private mode are never saved. At least a test at my end showed this. Of course it would be nicer if no search suggestions were shown in private mode.

  • @angelog So if you go to in a private window only, when you are on a regular window you can also see that address as a suggestion from your history?

    Or it's the opposite, you go to that site on a regular basis in normal window and, in a private window, see it being suggested?

  • @operaoperandi Yes, I just did this 1 minute ago. I was checking and there is a list of url, the last url is the one I visited today morning.

  • @leocg In Both. As I replied to operaoperandi, the the last url I saw in the list is the one I acessed through regular normal window. But, yesterday it was a url that I used in private window. As I said, I noticed this in amost two years, and I was expecting that some opera update to fix this, but this never happened. I know that this does not occur very often, but once a while, I got surprised when I start to type an url at private window and opera presents a suggestion for the address from a history. I was wondering if I did not quit Opera on IOS, but it was not. Maybe Opera did not quit properly, but this I don't know how to check because I did not receive any message about opera behavior.

  • @angelog And you absolutely never visited the page in a regular window? Nor the page is bookmarked by chance?

  • @leocg For the beahvior that I reported on Saturday, yes, I did in regular window, at least. Is it a normal behavior ? but sometimes I saw this behavior when I visit the page on a private window, and sometime after quit and returning to opera in new private window I have the complete url being suggested, this is what drives me crazy !!!

    I have to figure out what are exactly the steps related to this.

  • @angelog If the page has been visited in a regular window, it's normal that it is suggested in a private window.
    On the other hand, a page visited exclusively in a private window should not be supported in a normal window. Unless, of course, it's a very common one.