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  • hi i have backup from old versions of opera not sure the version but file dates are showing 2016. i want to learn passwords from this backup but when i copied all data in appdata folder and open settings after launching opera there is literally 'zero' passwords collected. when i open login file with notepad++ it shows weird characters but also i can see it has login data. but there are lots of "null"s so it is encrypted i guess.

    so why opera browser doesnt show login data? it is really important i have to learn passwords from that backup so if i upload login data here can any moderator check for me?

  • @seriousgigi Your saved passwords are encrypted using your OS account credentials, what means that you can't use them in another computer, with another user in the same device or even in a new OS installation in the same PC.
    The only way to get your current saved passwords in those scenario mentioned before, would be by using sync or by exporting and then importing the passwords.

  • @leocg i can't use export because there is no password to export according to opera browser. when you open settings/passwords in browser you see there is not a single password stored. but i can see passwords in my current opera.

    that was not a case before. i have always took backup of that opera folder in appdata before formatting and copied back to its place after formatting windows. but this time this is not working.

  • there is some misunderstanding i guess. let me clear, you are wrong about that you can not use login data in different accounts or different PCs or different OSs. i did use my login data all the time since 2012s. i am pretty much sure i have formatted my windows more than 10 times in that process and i took backup my opera folder (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software) before every time i formatted windows and copied back to use again and it worked for like 10 years. now it is not working. my history file is bigger than 100 MB 😃

    i think the problem can be new versions of opera so if you changed how this passwords work in new versions can you tell me which version of opera i have to download for getting those passwords?

  • @seriousgigi What I mean is that you should have exported the passwords before, so you could import them in the new installation.

  • I just went to the page like Facebook, then I got my timeline showed right in front of my face, even after having CCleaner clear my browsing data. But now, after closing the browser and clearing my browsing data, I have to log in again. This also happens to Gmail, and some other websites.

  • @curlewis If you removed cookies during the process of cleaning browsing data, then there is nothing wrong.

  • @seriousgigi said in Opera doesn't show login data:

    i think the problem can be new versions of opera so if you changed how this passwords work in new versions can you tell me which version of opera i have to download for getting those passwords?

    I'm not sure what version you need to go back to, but you can get old versions from You'll want to download the installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera the_version" for example, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser", and install. Then, when Opera runs, as soon as you see the x for its window, click it to close Opera as fast as you can. Then, in the install folder under the version folder, delete opera_autoupdate.exe so Opera doesn't update on you. If Windows won't let you delete opera_autoupdate.exe, open up the Windows task manager and end task on the auto update process and then delete the file.

    Once you have an Opera setup correctly, in its install folder, replace all the files and folders in the "profile/data" folder with a copy of all the files and folders from your backed-up Opera profile with the passwords. Then, start that Opera, goto the URL opera://settings/passwords (or manually via settings) and see if your passwords show. If they do, click the 3 vertical dots next to "saved passwords" and export them as a csv file if Opera will let you. It might ask you for an OS password though, so you'll have to remember what you used.

    Then, repeat all that until you find a version (if any) that works.

    Once you get the csv file, you can import it into current Opera.

  • @leocg

    Ok thank you for your valuable reply