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How to update the URL of many bookmarks at once

  • I have many bookmarks from a website I often visit, but they recently switch the domain extension of his website, just for example from to, so now all my bookmarks have the old extension .com. I would like to update the al the bookmarks URL at once with to
    Could add a option to do this in a a future update? Or is there any other way without losing any other data of the bookmark (like thumbnails)?

  • Goto the URL opera://bookmarks and export your bookmarks to an HTML file. Then, open the HTML file in a text editor (like Notepad++) to verify your bookmarks are there. Once you've confirmed, delete all your bookmarks in Opera and empty the bookmark trash. Then, in your text editor, use find and replace all to fix the links you want. Then, save your changes and import your bookmarks back in.

  • @burnout426 I tried and that doesnt work, it removes all the bookmarks thumbnails

  • @litlightbulb As expected, since they are all new for Opera.

  • @leocg Do u have an idea to do it?

  • @litlightbulb I'm not sure if what you want is possible. You are changing the main indexer, the main parameter of a bookmark, what is the address.

    The thumbnails are stored in a different file called BookmarksExtra. For you to change a bookmark address - meaning that you, in reality, creating a new one - without loosing its thumbnail, I guess you would need to find out how to make changes in both Bookmarks and Bookmarks Extra in a way to make Opera associate the new address with the old image and without triggering any security measures.

  • @litlightbulb Yes, for the reason Leo said. There might be a way to get the icons to load again by loading each of those bookmarked pages.

    But, while Opera is closed, you could instead try to edit the "Bookmarks" file in Opera's profile folder directly with a text editor. Since you wouldn't be changing the guids, the favicon_urls and imageIDs that point to the data in the Bookmarks Extra file, it might work (as long as Opera doesn't have any protections on modifications to the file).