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Help, part of my bookmarks are missing

  • Hi,

    Can anyone please help me with the following. When I started my computer today, I noticed that part of my bookmarks have disappeared. How can I get them back, I did not do anything special with the computer and system restore did not help. I have an export as HTML of the bookmarks. Can I somehow import that?
    Any help is welcome

  • Which version of Opera are you using? i'm thinking opera 12.17? What is your operating system? Have you ever saved the Opera profile to a flash drive or other location. There is a bookmarks.adr file in the profile.

  • I don't know which's your Opera version, but if you're running Opera Blink (15+) this might help: If it's not Opera Blink, I hope that an Opera Presto (12-) user can post here and help you...

  • When I started my computer today, I noticed that part of my bookmarks have disappeared.
    Are you sure?

    Up to Opera 12 (Presto) when you open the browser it starts loading your bookmarks. If you open the bookmarks menu before the loading finishes it'll display a incomplete list. Only if you close the menu, wait for it to load everything an open it again it'll display all your bookmarks.

    If you really lost it and have no backed up/exported bookmarks, I have no idea if you're able to recover specific items/folders. Take a look at bookmarks.adr using a text editor.

    I have an export as HTML of the bookmarks. Can I somehow import that?
    Yes, there's a Import/Export menu somewhere... In Tools menu I think or also in the bookmarks manager toolbar.

  • I'm using Opera 12.17 and Windows 7 and I've tried importing the html file but it does not work, I can only import an adr.file. My bookmarks.adr file is no longer complete, part of it just seems to have been erased somehow. Any solutions to this?

  • When you select "Import Opera Bookmarks" you can't change it from .adr to .html files using the selection box beside the file name field in the file browser dialog?

    You can try selecting "Import Firefox Bookmarks", maybe it's the "standard" used for the HTML files Opera exports.

  • @hvbog, if you are running Win 7 with shadow-copying enabled, you may be able to recover the bookmarks file from an earlier timeframe. You locate the bookmarks.adr file in the file Explorer, right click it > select Properties > select Previous Versions tab > wait for any previous versions to appear on the listing (it could take many seconds, for a large file structure). If they do appear, select one from a hopefully "safe" earlier time point and restore it. A lot depends on whether your Win installation has shadow-copy enabled, the size of the shadow-copy storage space allocation on the drive, and how much file "churning" has occurred... when the shadow file gets full, it pushes the oldest files off to make space for the newest.

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