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All sidebar messengers in the form of extensions

  • Already stable Opera has these messengers that can be displayed in the sidebar: Facebook Massenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and VK. However, today's Opera Developer has gained the Instagram support function. I have nothing against this service, if anyone wants to use them.
    But how many more will they add to the Opera? Why overload it so much?
    However, I have a solution thanks to which, as we say in Poland, there will be "and a full wolf and a whole sheep".
    The idea is to:

    A. all messengers at Opera were in the form of extensions
    B. all messengers can be already pre-installed in the new
    installed Opera directly from the installer but so that they can be uninstalled from Opera
    C. and even if it happens then of course we could install again them from Opera add-ons

    I would like to mention that now Opera extensions (of course some) can be placed in the sidebar, so I think

    that such a solution would be consistent. And thanks to him.

    D. the authors of Opera plugins could also write and share their own extensions to websites that are not yet available in Opera and which perhaps (!) Would never hit here if, as before, only Opera programmers could add new messengers.

  • @jojo0587 Why just don't right click on the sidebar and uncheck the components you don't need?

  • @leocg Yes. Of course, I did that a long time ago. Only are they still at the Opera? Are. Do they still somehow affect the browser's RAM usage?

  • @jojo0587 If they are not being used, I don't think they would affect the RAM or anything else.

  • Exactly. You do not know. Or maybe somehow influences? And as I wrote earlier, if opt for such a solution, users would get other messengers written by the authors of the extensions.

  • @jojo0587 Even if there is an impact, I don't think it would be that significant.

  • @leocg But I think it's always there. And as I wrote, such a solution will bring a second advantage, Opera users will be able to have a greater selection of messengers by creating them also by the authors of the extensions. After all, this solution will benefit for everyone.