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Cannot find a way to update Opera 50.0

  • Hi everyone! Yeah, I'ma dinosaur. I hate updating. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is how I see things. Problem is, Opera 50.0 (which I'm using now) can no longer show the comments section on Youtube and other places. So I guess I may have to update. Two questions though...

    1. How do I update 50.0? I can't find a setting anywhere to update it. I turned off updates long ago, but now I have no idea how to update it. I also see that Opera is on version 66 now? I won't lose bookmarks or anything if I update, is that right? Is there a way to back it up in case I want to go back to version 50?

    2. Version 66 for Opera doesn't do forced updates does it? I've heard on some current browsers you cannot control or stop updates. I have enough problems with idiotic MS Windows 10 forced updates, I don't want my browser also forcing updates on me.

  • @my-name-is-bob

    1 ) Go to Menu > About Opera to start the autoupdate. If it doesn't work, download and run Opera installer.

    2 ) Opera 67 is the current stable version and it still has auto-update.

  • Thanks Leocg! I don't see the option to update listed when I go to Menu>About Opera. There is nothing there to select. So you're saying to go to the website and download the latest version? I don't want it to over-write and clear my data as a new install, or will that simply update it? In Opera 67, can you turn off auto-updates?

  • @my-name-is-bob Opening the About Opera page automatically triggers the auto-update.

    And running the installer should not overwrite you current data. However, since you are using a very old version of Opera, maybe you should backup your profile directory before the update.

    You can block auto-updates like you could before, by renaming the auto updater executable.

  • Hmmm. It's not triggering it. So I should just go to the main website and download the latest version? How do I back up my profile directory?

  • @my-name-is-bob Like you backup anything in your system, you copy the directory and its content to a different place.

  • @leocg

    Ok thanks. I'll download the update and see how it goes. Will it ask to import old settings or anything?

  • @my-name-is-bob Probably not.