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  • Hello, i have encountered a problem for like a week already. My Opera stopped to save passwords.Whenever i close Opera and open it again almost all passwords are gone, except for some reason, browser version of discord and youtube (password is not auto filled but when i press button to login it fills email and password). It doesn't save password for anything else so it is not problem with sites as they also worked fine before.I haven't changed anything about my setup before and after problem started. Also it doesn't save custom changes made on website using console. Also as it seems it doesn't save cookies cause websites ask for cookies access even tho i given it to them before

  • @darkpriest Already tried with extensions disabled and with a clean profile directory as in the instructions?

    Opera only filling your login data after you have clicked on the login field may mean that Opera consider the connection insecure.

  • @leocg "Clean profile directory" what do you mean by this?Like reseting options to standart? Also it only fills in for youtube and other google related sites

  • @darkpriest Take a look at the FAQ

    You can try resetting your preferences and also the flags before to test, if you want.

  • @leocg i will try tommorow and replie with results

  • So I managed to solve this problem. My problem was that there were no storaged info on Windows Key Manager and I couldn't even access it... so step by step what I have done to solve this out
    Step 1* use cmd command prompt
    Step 2rundll32 keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr (You can try this multiple times because It mysteriously took 3 times for mine to work)
    Step 3
    When you get to the stored info, you will probably see none of your passwords there, so what you need to do is, First log into a page you want (google for example), then switch back to manager and add the password info you've logged into that site to the manager(remember ticking the website option before you add it), then log out from the site you've logged in then log in back.
    Abrakadabra, It worked for me and I hope It works for you people as well, It has been bugging me for a month now, I've created an account just to share my solution out here. Have a good and password managered day everyone ~

  • @EmreTheLizard Jeezus Christ! You have to get into the Windows Source Code to make Opera stop auto-logging you out and stop wiping out usernames/passwords? So stupid!

    I wish Firefox worked properly. Maybe I can revive Netscape 7.2

    It even changed the f.. Time Zone in my Yahoo mail! I don't have time for this f... bullshit!

  • @EmreTheLizard I tried the procedure you outlined, but it failed: I added one site to Windows Key Manager (and it recorded it well: when I closed it and reopened, it was listed there - but with a mention of "LegacyGeneric", no idea what this means), but Opera ignored it, even after having restarted it: that web site does prompt for the correct login, but no password. To make clear, it is configured to store the passwords I enter. Even before this total erasure, there were sites Opera just stopped recording the passwords (while it had in the past). Now it just doesn't show any past recorded password nor record new ones.

    Also, I used NirSoft's WebBrowserPassView in order to display the stored passwords for all my installed browsers: for opera, it displayed a list of sites, their respective logins/accounjt names, but empty passwords (even after having added one in Windows Key Manager).

    I tried other web sites: for some, Opera stores the password now, for some it does not (while it did in the past). This is maddening. I may drop Opera and move to Microsoft Edge: with this test site (the one I used above), it offers to record the password, it stores it, and prompts it when I exit Edge and reenter.

  • @michaelinparis Do a test. Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser", and install. Test in that Opera, but do not enable Opera Sync, do not install any extensions, do not enable Opera's adblocker and do not enable Opera's VPN.

    Does that Opera store passwords for the problem sites? If not, delete the "profile" folder in the standalone installation. Then set/change your Windows password, launch that Opera again and try things again. What about then?

  • @burnout426 Thanks for your reply. I managed to solve (I think!) this problem - I mean, make it disappear totally - yesterday by... switching to another browser, here is how.

    I was so frustrated that I indeed switched to MS Edge. I'll spare you the details of the migration, but I soon found out that Edge too was "forgetting" the credentials I was entering once I would close Edge and reopen it.

    It became clear that the problem was not just Opera"s, but a system wide one (and it connected with the odd fact that another program, not a browser, had lost the credentials it had had for months. So I tried various ways to fix the Windows Credential Manager - to no avail. I ended up running the DISM command - which didn't find any problem - and then SFC, and it reported having found some problems and repaired them.

    And indeed, now Edge doesn't forget the credentials I reentered for a variety of sites. I suppose - haven't checked - that Opera does too, and will now check that other program too, and will stay with Edge as my default browser.

  • Facing same issue

  • Unfortunately, I found out that what I described above didn't help. I ended up contacting today the Microsoft Support (for which I have a yearly contract). The support person I spoke to in the morning reinstalled Windows (fortunately without affecting my files and the configuration). This took ca. 2 hours, no change. So I called again, and the support person I talked to in the afternoon... did the same. To no avail.

    So I posted a message on the Microsoft Community page.

  • @EmreTheLizard How did you specify the web site in the popup? I tried, eg, "", "", "" - they all were recorded but display with "(LegacyGeneric)" and when I connect to that site, it prompts me with empty login/passwd fields.

  • It turns out that many other programs "forgot" the passwords they used to record - not only other browsers, but other applications.

    So I ended up creating a new account, painstaikingly migrating all my data from the previous one, and this one works fine.

    So whichever Windows App is responsible for this problem, it is only wrt to a specific account.

  • @darkpriest Hi
    I had the same problem with youtube, every time I closed opera gx it logged me out.
    I allowed youtube to always use cookie in settings and now its fixed.image_2021-01-15_161914.png