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A question about removing older versions of Opera

  • I have both Opera Stable 54.0.2952.51 and Opera Stable 67.0.3575.115 installed on my laptop. Can I safely uninstall the older one without affecting the current version using Revo Uninstaller?

  • @graywoulf Make sure to remove only the build folder in the installation directory.

  • Akp-Int
    You may upgrade it that is available if you do not want to leave opera.

  • @graywoulf That depends. Are 54 and 67 installed to different folders and do they have separate uninstall entries in Windows? If so, you should be able to just uninstall 54 as long as Revo has an option to not delete your Opera profile folder. If Revo has no option for that, it'd be better to use the 54 uninstall in Windows and make sure you don't check the box to delete your data.

    If 54.0.2952.51 is just a folder along side the 67.0.3575.115 folder, I wouldn't try to uninstall 54 with Revo or via Windows. Instead, in Opera's program files folder, you'd delete all old version folders except 67.0.3575.115 and delete all the old launchers. Then, if there is a 54 uninstall entry in Windows, you need to just remove it from the uninstall list. If Revo lets you just do that, that's fine. Otherwise, you need to fire up regedit, goto "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" and just delete the Opera 54 key and keep the 67 one.

    A different way you could do this is to goot the URL opera://about in Opera and take note of the "profile" path and cache path. Then, close Opera. Then, copy the profile folder and "cache" folder to a safe place. Then, uninstall all Operas with Revo. Then, if Revo wipes out your Opera profile and cache folders, put them back with the copies you made. Then, download and install Opera 67.0.3575.115 again.

  • I have window 7 seven suggestion that is mentioned here if you would like to unstall a program from your computer you will go to program and feature and click at the unstall it may well done.So which one you would like to unstall then click only

  • Thanks for all of the information and tips on what to do. Although Revo Uninstaller lists both versions, I did a search for Opera on my HD and I only see one folder. That being said, I think it is best to leave well enough alone at this time.

    In consideration that I am close to doing a clean install of Windows 10, I will just wait for a clean install of Opera as well. One thing I noticed while looking through the search findings was that I saw a folder labeled "Opera Backup". The date on the folder was 9/2018 and the folder was empty. Did Opera have it's own built in backup application at one time? Just curious.

  • @graywoulf said in A question about removing older versions of Opera:

    Did Opera have it's own built in backup application at one time? Just curious.

    No. There might have been something that the installer did when upgrading from Presto-based Opera to Chromium-based Opera, but don't remember. But, if so, that was just an installer thing. No backup utility.

  • If it is attachted so ,we should remeber opera is a via window based, there is some microsoft window privacy policy that protect our eagerness .On other hand back up issue is window based in your computer although i did not try to recover or back up as opera guide line.