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Opera 12.17 hangs on "Connecting to remote host..." until time out

  • I am using Opera 12.17 on Windows 8 and I don't really know if this is a bug but it is definitely a frustrating performance issue. Please help as I remember Opera 11 did not act like this.

    In short, when Opera attempts to fetch elements on a webpage (non-existing resource, server not responding..), it continues to wait till timeout. The key thing is that I can scroll up & down, click on links , but any other actions including Stop the loading progress, close the tab.. will hang Opera and it will hang until timeout is up then it recovers.

    For example, if I access this page

    Opera will load 5/6 elements in an instant, the last element which is

    will time out in 42s (always). While it is waiting, I cannot close the tab nor stop the progress.
    I took a look in Opera:config and tried tweaking but unfortunately there is no user configurable timeout period.


    Opera engineers , please help !
    Thank you!

  • That's unusual. It's common to see not all elements load on a page, but usually the page isn't blank while that's happening.

    But ESC works for me to halt it. Even without doing that, I can Ctrl-W to close the tab. Switching tabs also works.

    Anyway, disable Javascript for the site. Wait for it to load, right-click, Edit Site Prefs...and you'll see it.

  • Alternatively, if one particular element always hangs for you, you could block that one element. If you go into Preferences and manually add the address to the content blocker then Opera will not even try to load it.

  • @operahandsdown: FWIW, just as a test, I went to the site you noted using Opera 12.14. With JavaScript enabled, the site timed out with only a white screen displayed, though it stalled at 10/11 elements loaded. With JavaScript disabled, the site loaded at 6/6 elements and the "Enter promotion number..." box appeared (though I didn't try to see if that functioned). Apparently, there are multiple elements being called from the site's JavaScript, and the Presto Opera versions don't like either the JS coding or at least one element/reference being called by it...

    In any case, like @rseiler, I don't experience the Opera paralysis you described while waiting for the page-load to time out.