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Why when "delayed tab loading" is enabled, google and facebook still loads preemptively?

  • Hi,

    I have the "delayed tab loading" option enabled. Yet when I start with Opera and it reloads my session, when I look at the task manager (Shift-Esc) all my Google searches and my Facebook tabs are preemptively loaded without me having to select them first!!!..

    Why is that and can this behavior be changed?


  • @tito666 As far as I know, that option just delays the loading of background tabs so they don't all load at once, but they will be loaded at some point.

  • Ouf! If that is the way it works, that is really a bad way.

    I have a lots of tabs open and I don't use all of them every session, so why should it load all of them if they will not be used?

    Why is it that there is not a single browser that implements something proper like, do not load any tab on startup, until the user selects that tab...

    Seems to me that should not be complicated to implement.

  • @tito666 If someone starts a browser with several tabs opened, the most reasonable thing is to think that s/he wants the pages on those tabs to be loaded on start up.
    So I guess that the progressive loading of those tabs when Opera start is the correct behavior.

  • @leocg Nop, that doesn't make sens.

    I have over 100 tabs opened and every session I use only maybe 10 of them.

    The other point is that it doesn't just "load" the page. It creates a whole new process for that tab and a shitload of memory being used.

  • @tito666 What doesn't make sense is someone who needs to open 100 tabs all the time even if just 10% will be used. In fact, I think that someone who always need to have hundreds of tabs opened simply has a problem with the closing of tabs.
    Those people don't need a browser feature but just learn how to close tabs.

    An regarding the other issue, it shouldn't be a problem in 2020.