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[Solved]moving old "Login Data" file from old hard drive to new hard drive

  • Hi there. I had a problem with my old hard drive & Windows installation. The OS got so corrupted that it was unrepairable. I got a new hard drive & reinstalled Opera with my same username & password. That was when I discovered that sync didn't sync passwords by default - AAAARGHHH!!!!! Anyway, the data on the old drive is still accessible, so I want to use the old Opera Login Data file on the new hard drive so that I can recover all of my passwords. Is there any way to do that?

  • @Roachmanfwa It's not possible, since your saved passwords are encrypted with your OS login credentials.

    The only way to transfer saved passwords between computers is by using sync.

  • If you were able to run Opera on the old hard drive with the old Windows installation, you could have exported your passwords to a csv file and then imported them into Opera on the new setup.

    On the old Opera, you'd goto the URL opera://settings/passwords and click the kebab menu (3 vertical dots) to export your usernames and passwords to a csv file. Then, in the new Opera, you'd goto opera://flags/#PasswordImport, enable the flag, restart Opera and import the csv file from the same kebab menu in opera://settings/passwords.

    Or, you could have run or as the user on the old OS installation.

    But, since you can't run that OS and Opera on it, you're out of luck.

    I think there's a trick to get Opera/Chrome to store passwords in the Login Data file unencrypted so that you can transfer the file to another computer. I forget the method though. But again, it requires that you run Opera/Chrome on the old OS and user account first.

  • Thanks everybody for your depressing words lol. Funny thing, though - I enabled the "sync passwords" switch on my new Opera installation and they eventually showed up - all 200+ of them! So I'm not mad at Opera anymore! And I'll be sure to be sure that my passwords are ALWAYS sync'd!