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Workspaces improvements

    1. on the sidebar for work space please add a red dot or any other mark on the work space that has “an open tab” on it, so we will know which work space are full and which one is empty,
    2. please increase the number of work space
    3. please allow us to move tab between work space by drag and drop it in the other work space.
    4. Please give us that option in setting as well to use each work space separately like a new browser, for example I have 2 Gmail and for accessing both of them I have 2 different browsers, by changing the work space I can not log-in in my other Gmail unless log out from the first one. So the work space does not work as a different separate browser, we need to have this option to separate it. Some of the users don’t have multiple Gmail account and they need their work space to be connected together but some of other users would like to separate and disconnect work space from together to use different account
  • On item 2 - you need more than 5?

  • thank you for your fast respond, yes of course, I wish it was 20!! i love it so much, i used to use between 10-20 version of opera portable in my desktop and switch between them to manage my projects.
    you can see part of my desktop which is full with opera! also i moved some of them to different folder to not be in the desktop!

    it would be great if you increase it, However number 1 which is a check mark on full tab is very more important.

    i was hopping we can use the same icon as well for workspace, as you know i can not use one icon for 2 different work space, if they have the same subject i would like to use the same icon but it does not letting me

    also maybe you can let us use number instead of icon, for example instead of icon it write the number of work space, which is from 1 to 20 for example.

    Clipboard Image (2).jpg

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • The number of 5 workspaces is really low.
    For example - I learn the node JS and some related topics, also have some non-related pages open:

    1. irrelevant pages, like news, facebook and so on..
    2. NodeJS
    3. Bootstrap
    4. MongoDB
    5. DataTables, Chart.JS and other components

    and I tried to make some other workspace for researches I doing right now - like security cameras and garden/planting - but I cannot make a new (6th and 7th) workspaces...

  • @burnout426 I also would like this feature. Sometimes you open a number of tabs in one context realizing you didn't do it in the right workspace, then how do you move them? Now it's very tedious: you have to right click and select a submenu under "Move tab to workspace" -> workspace. After 10 or so tabs this becomes more work than it is worth.

    So feature request, I second:

    1. Shift-Click multiple tabs to select MULTIPLE tabs and then right click move to workspace
    2. Also set up a keyboard SHORTCUT move to workspace (e.g. Ctrl-Shift-1 etc...) for current tab or selected tabs (see #1).


  • @ducaliner said in Workspaces improvements:

    So feature request, I second:

    1. Shift-Click multiple tabs to select MULTIPLE tabs and then right click move to workspace

    That feature already exists: select tabs > right click on a tab > "Move tabs to workspace" > select workspace
    It's the drag and drop that is missing.

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
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