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Why is there a white strip at the top of youtube video in full screen?

  • @rejuvenator It is in development, but for me it is pretty stable. It crashes just sometimes when dragging tabs to different windows, but Opera and Chrome do too, so I think this is a bug somewhere in the shared core. Otherwise no issues whatsoever.

  • Hm... never knew it was an Opera only problem, always thought it was some kind of "glitch" from the upper panel on my XFCE desktop 😉

    But I just tested it with Firefox and there is no white strip in full screen mode...

    My current Opera version:

    And it's not a youtube only problem, also happens with videos from other sites.


    The white strip is also visible on full screen mode via F11, when the webpage has a dark background, e.g.:

    So, it doesn't seem to be a video problem...

  • @joklok you are correct! white stripe appears even on full screen mode of web page.

    i suppose to think, thats an opera for linux window manager using problem...
    i dont use my linux for often needs, but its really stays annoying for me that white stripe! i think that if my laptop had a white design plastic, it souldnt be so annoying, but... it doesnt.
    i dont like to think that i have to change my favourite browser for anything else, but my migration to linux stopped because of that white stripe.
    its been a long time since i've posted my first message to this post... too much. its a pitty that we still dont have any comments on that glitch from developers...

  • @tetraguy hm... yeah, it's somehow sad.

    But for full-screen-applications I use since a while just mpv-player, it has an inbuild youtube-dl which allows you to watch also video streams, without the strip in full-screen mode 😉

    Recently Opera got more resource hungry while playing videos, so sometimes the videos with higher resolution start lagging, that's also why I use the mpv-player, runs smooth for that. My laptop is rather old, but those videos doesn't seem to lag in e.g. Firefox, so I hope they will fix that sometime.

    Maybe we as a community could test this a bit further, regarding the window-manager:

    I use XFCE with X11 and get the white strip.

  • Hello!
    I have the same problems for very long time on several machines on Xubuntu 18.04.
    Current Opera release I use is 76.0.4017.154, but problem appeared somewhere on 65-67 I think. Neither Firefox nor Chromuim is affected.

    Here is screenshot in two variations: original and with black outline to make problem more clear:
    Снимок экрана_2021-05-29_22-12-42.png
    Снимок экрана_2021-05-29_22-12-42_bg.png

    Please help, this line is so annoying 🙂

  • @d216 In case they don't fix it (which doesn't seem like they will), I recommend Vivaldi 🙂

  • Hello,
    Not sure if it's Linux specific but when I watch Youtube videos at full screen, there is a very narrow with line on the top of the video (above the video name, across the whole screen).

    See example:

    I tested in Chrome and Firefox, and had no such issue.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @maximb yeap. We still have no any idea what is going on and why opera software don't care about this issue on linux.

  • I've submitted bug report to Opera's bug tracking system. BS-12308
    Let's see what they'll say

    @rejuvenator Thanks for advice, maybe I'll try it in the near future 🙂

  • @d216 great job! thx!

  • @d216 They won't say nothing, most probably. In fact there is a high chance that it will just be marked as a duplicate.

  • Same bug with Opera 77.0.4054.277 and Opera 78.0.4093.103 beta on Arch Linux running Wayland session of Gnome 40.2.0.

    Chromium, Vivaldi and Firefox installed on the same system
    do not have this bug.

  • Hi,

    I disabled "Use hardware acceleration when available" under Settings/Advanced/System and was able to get rid of that white strip 🙂 I haven't checked yet if disabling hw acceleration causes slow performance when surfing.

  • @argesever nope, that doesnt work for me. opera ver 78.0.4093.147